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Recommendation 7 Best Gun in COD Mobile 2023!

Attention, soldiers! As the battle intensifies in the fast-paced world of Call of Duty Mobile, arming yourself with the most potent weapons becomes paramount. In this dynamic arena where split-second decisions can turn the tide, choosing the right firepower can make all the difference between victory and defeat. But do you know the best gun in COD Mobile?

Are you ready to discover the arsenal that will propel you to the top of the ranks? Join us as we delve into the realm of the best weapons in COD Mobile, unlocking the path to ultimate dominance.

From close-quarter combat to long-range precision, the diverse selection of firearms at your disposal offers a myriad of playstyles to suit every warrior. Whether you prefer the stealthy approach of a sniper, the relentless spray of an assault rifle, or the tactical finesse of a submachine gun, there’s a weapon waiting to become an extension of your lethal prowess.

So, let’s embark on this journey together, unveiling the unrivaled power within each weapon category.

Best Gun in COD Mobile, You Must Try


Weapons in CODM are varied; players can choose the gun according to their wishes. Apart from that, weapons can also be one of the exciting things for you to know.

Here are the seven best weapons that you can use in COD Mobile!

1. CBR4: Best SMG

CBR4 is one of the SMG weapons just released by Call of Duty Mobile, along with the Battle Pass Season 10 release. With the proper CBR4 gunsmith support, you can efficiently finish off all enemies.

Those of you who like to play FPS games must be familiar with this weapon. CBR4 resembles the P90 weapon in other FPS games, such as Point Blank. This weapon has quite painful damage with a very high Fire Rate.

Statistics CBR4: 

  • Accuracy: 43
  • Control: 42
  • Damage: 24
  • Fire Rate: 80
  • Mobility: 94
  • Range: 47


2. DLQ 33: Best Sniper

A true marksman’s delight, sniper rifles reign supreme when it comes to picking off targets with surgical precision. From the classic DL Q33 to the sleek Arctic .50, these long-range weapons deliver devastating headshots and unmatched range, turning adversaries into mere pixels in the crosshairs. 

Master the art of patience, map awareness, and swift trigger control, and you’ll become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Statistics DLQ 33: 

  • Accuracy: 59
  • Control: 32
  • Damage: 90
  • Fire Rate: 28
  • Mobility: 32
  • Range: 99

3. R90: Best Shotgun

R90 This is the newest weapon in the Shotgun category in Call of Duty: Mobile. This type of weapon has a reasonably lethal ability. This is because a Shotgun weapon can produce extensive damage.

You could say you can kill your opponent with one or two shots. Apart from that, this Shotgun weapon is also often relied on as a close-range attack weapon.

Statistics R90: 

  • Accuracy: 49
  • Control: 42
  • Damage: 17*12
  • Fire Rate: 34
  • Mobility: 86
  • Range: 38

4. Holger 26: Best LMG

The Holger 26 is an LMG-type weapon like the Chopper, widely used lately because of its remarkable abilities. Apart from being an LMG weapon with many bullets, the Holger 26 can also be arranged as an Assault Rifle weapon. Therefore you need the right Gunsmith Holger 26.

Statistics Holger 26: 

  • Accuracy: 53
  • Control: 59
  • Damage: 31
  • Fire Rate: 71
  • Mobility: 56
  • Range: 60

5. M13: Best AR

One of the new Assault weapons with excellent capabilities is the M13. At first glance, this weapon has a similar shape to the M4, except that the M13 has a faster Fire Rate than the M4. This weapon is deadly for opponents, especially with the proper M13 gunsmith settings.

Statistics M13: 

  • Accuracy: 56
  • Control: 43
  • Damage: 24
  • Fire Rate: 88
  • Mobility: 72
  • Range: 56

6. SKS


SKS is one of the deadliest Marksman class weapons in Call of Duty Mobile. You must be familiar with this weapon if you have played COD Mobile since the first season.

Some players often use Marksman Rifles like this to fight in close to medium range but with a stealthy game strategy.

Speaking of abilities, the SKS has many advantages compared to other Marksman Rifles. Even in the current season, SKS is quite in demand by players to play in ranked mode.

This happened not without reason. Compared to other Marksman Rifles, this SKS has a better Accuracy value compared to other MM Rifles.

Statistics SKS: 

  • Accuracy: 82
  • Control: 57
  • Damage: 60
  • Fire Rate: 43
  • Mobility: 46
  • Range: 62

7. Echo

In Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile), the Echo is a powerful and versatile weapon that has garnered a reputation for its exceptional performance on the battlefield. Designed to excel in medium to long-range engagements, this assault rifle offers a deadly combination of accuracy, damage, and versatility, making it a popular choice among seasoned players.

The Echo’s standout feature is its unique ability to switch between two firing modes: a single-shot precision mode and a burst-fire mode. 

This dual functionality allows players to adapt to different combat scenarios with ease. In single-shot mode, the Echo delivers pinpoint accuracy, making it a formidable weapon for engaging enemies at a distance. 

On the other hand, the burst-fire mode unleashes a rapid burst of rounds, ideal for close to medium-range encounters where quick target acquisition is essential.

Statistics Echo: 

  • Accuracy: 49
  • Control: 56
  • Damage: 93
  • Fire Rate: 35
  • Mobility: 73
  • Range: 36

Those are some ineresting things about the best gun in COD that you can recognize.

Hopefully this article can help you in maximizing the COD COD game so you can keep winning!

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