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A Guide to Free Agent Transfers in EA FC 24

The transfer window is a crucial aspect of the Manager Career mode in EA Sports FC 24, providing an opportunity to enhance your squad, plan for the future, or bolster your team’s depth for a title pursuit. Often overlooked, free agents can play a pivotal role in this process.

This guide will navigate you through the process of discovering free agents, essential tips for recruiting them to your squad, and key players to scout when embarking on a new Manager Career.

Locating Free Agents

Access the Transfers tab in your Manager Central, proceed to the Search Players box, switch the Transfer Status to “Free Agents,” and submit the search. The results will display all players currently in the game without a club.

These results categorize players into All: Attacking, Midfield, Defender, and Goalkeepers, enabling you to browse and scout individuals of interest. 

Fortunately, free agents already undergo some pre-scouting, providing you with narrowed attribute ranges.

An advantage of free agents is their availability throughout the year, unrestricted by the Transfer Window. However, note that high-quality free agents may be signed by clubs in the initial Transfer Window and subsequently throughout the game.

Throughout your managerial career, players with expired contracts join the free agent pool. Regularly checking this pool, especially at the start of each season, can unveil hidden gems, particularly if managing a lower-tier club.

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Strategies for Signing Free Agent in EA FC 24

Free Agent EA FC

Free agents prove particularly beneficial when working with a limited Transfer Budget but can allocate funds to wages. While they don’t incur transfer fees, negotiations discuss wages and potential bonuses.

Consider the following strategies when signing free agents:

  • Fill Squad Gaps: Especially applicable to smaller clubs with limited depth; free agents offer cost-effective options to complete your team and serve as replacements in case of injuries or fatigue to your starting XI.
  • Adjust Scout Assignments: As free agents aren’t affiliated with professional clubs, they can’t be scouted by the initially assigned scouts. Ensure that at least one scout has yet to assign a region assignment to investigate these players.
  • Leverage Existing Information: The pre-scouting of free agents narrows attribute ranges, allowing you to efficiently identify players meeting your requirements, whether they are wide wingers, backup goalkeepers, or goal-scoring threats.

You’ll obtain the players ‘ comprehensive attributes and values once you complete the seven to ten days of in-game time required for full scouting. 

At this point, you can negotiate the contract yourself, delegate it to your Assistant Manager, or decide against signing it. Negotiation screens provide a Recommended Wage to guide you through the process.

Top Free Agents, You Should Consider Signing

Free Agent EA FC

While most free agents typically fall within the 55-70 Overall range, a select few can capably fill crucial or even starting positions within your team. 

You can assemble a reasonably competitive Starting XI composed of players boasting an Overall rating of 70 or higher.

Marcel Ruiz (CM/CAM/CDM)

Strengthening the midfield should rank high among your priorities upon commencing EA FC 24 Career Mode. 

Marcel Ruiz, a polished central midfielder, offers substantial influence, particularly for teams relying heavily on midfield performance. 

With an initial Overall rating of 75 and a potential of 82, Ruiz holds promise as a cornerstone player with his versatility across midfield roles.

Kevin Alvarez (RB)

Kevin Alvarez is another viable option for fortifying the defensive lineup, particularly in the proper wing-back role. 

With an initial Overall rating of 75 and a potential rating of 79, Alvarez’s notable speed and active involvement in defensive and offensive phases render him a valuable asset throughout matches.

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Sofiane Boufal (CF/LM/ST)

Sofiane Boufal is a prominent inclusion among EA FC 24 Career Mode’s free agent players. Despite falling short of his peak potential, Boufal remains a lucrative choice due to his versatile playing positions and standout speed, passing, and dribbling attributes. 

With an Overall rating of 76 and equivalent potential capabilities, Boufal’s proficiency as an attacking midfielder is noteworthy.

Marko Stamenic (CDM/CM)

Marko Stamenic emerges as a standout player from New Zealand, adept at assuming roles in central midfield and defense. While starting with an Overall rating of 70, Stamenic’s potential of 83 positions him as a promising investment, particularly for clubs undergoing rebuilding phases.

Akram Afif (LM/CF/CAM)

Hailing from Qatar, Akram Afif presents a compelling option for the left-wing position in EA FC 24 Career Mode. 

Boasting exceptional attributes in speed, dribbling, shooting, and passing, Afif’s high attacking work rate underscores his potential impact on team performance.

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