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A Helpful Strategies Boosting Your F/D Ratio in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is among the most competitive mobile battle royale games, with various factors indicating a player’s skill and capability. The F/D ratio, or “Finishes per Death” ratio, is a crucial parameter reflecting a player’s skill level. A higher F/D ratio suggests a player secures multiple kills in a match.

Understanding the F/D Ratio in BGMI

In BGMI, the F/D ratio is the “Finishes per Death” ratio, which signifies the number of kills a player achieves per game. Previously known as the K/D ratio, it used to be calculated by dividing the number of kills by the number of deaths. However, the developers altered it to the F/D ratio, calculating kills divided by the number of games played.

In the past, players could inflate their K/D scores by avoiding deaths and winning chicken dinners. However, introducing the F/D ratio per match has eliminated this method of boosting scores. This article explores the factors influencing the F/D ratio and offers tips on maintaining a high F/D score.

Strategies to Boost F/D Ratio in BGMI


Newcomers to the game can consider the following tactics to enhance their F/D ratio in BGMI:

1. Map Selection

While maps like Livik, Nusa, and Karakin offer more action, the lower player count and shorter match durations can adversely affect your F/D ratio. Instead, choose classic maps like Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok, where 100 players populate the lobby, providing more opportunities for eliminations.

2. Strategic Landing

The journey to an impressive F/D ratio begins with selecting the right landing spot. Opt for locations with fewer initial players to increase your chances of survival. Avoid hot zones for more time for gearing up, strategizing, and securing early kills without falling victim to quick eliminations.

3. Swift Looting

Equip yourself swiftly and efficiently to gain a competitive advantage. Prioritize finding weapons, armor, and supplies to increase your chances of winning fights against opponents. Well-equipped players have better chances of survival and securing kills.

4. Tactical Gameplay

Intelligent and tactical gameplay is crucial. Engage in fights only when necessary, and choose your battles wisely. Prioritize survival over unnecessary risks and retreat from encounters where the odds are against you. A calculated approach will preserve your life and boost your F/D ratio.

Increasing the F/D Ratio


In BGMI, formerly known as the K/D ratio, achieving a high K/D was relatively easy, as players could avoid deaths. However, with the introduction of the F/D ratio, players must secure multiple finishes every game to maintain a strong F/D ratio.

Selecting the correct map and drop location is critical for increasing your F/D ratio. Erangel is the most popular map, offering consistency in kills and placement. Smaller maps like Livik and Nusa are suitable for players seeking faster-paced action. Sticking to the same map helps you become familiar with the landscape and hotspots.

Having adequate loot, including weapons like Assault Rifles (ARs) and shotguns like the DBS, is essential. Utilize throwables like Smoke Grenades and Frag Grenades for cover and securing finishes. Playing with a squad is crucial, as teammates can provide shelter and help revive downed members. Consistency and practicing the same map are vital to increasing your F/D ratio.

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