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Essential! 7 Agents to Utilize in Ascent Valorant

Ascent, a dynamic map in Valorant, presents distinctive challenges and demands intelligent strategy. With its direct main routes and diverse elevation levels, the choice of the agent becomes crucial for triumph in combat. Here, we present a selection of agents adept at conquering the Ascent map!

Discover some of the favored agents on Ascent and their suitability for this map’s dynamics. If you desire to dominate this terrain and unlock your full potential, explore this list of agents who can serve as your hidden weapon on Ascent.

What is Ascent Map in Valorant?

Ascent is one of the maps featured in Valorant. It boasts a mostly linear design, with three primary pathways linking the team bases. The map’s central area is open, surrounded by several points of cover. Ascent features multiple levels of elevation that can be exploited tactically.

Strategic cover positions are abundant on this map, allowing for scouting enemy movements or obstructing their path. Additionally, Ascent facilitates swift lateral movement between its main routes.

7 Must-Pick Agents for Ascent in Valorant

When traversing the Ascent map, it is vital to select an agent who is nimble, agile, and effective in impeding blind enemy attacks. Here are the top agents suited for Ascent:

1. Jett


Jett is an incredibly mobile agent, well-suited for Ascent’s multi-level elevation design. Her abilities, Dash and Updraft, enable Jett to swiftly transition between stances for offensive and defensive purposes.

2. Sage

Thanks to her healing capabilities, Sage proves to be a precious agent on Ascent. Her Healing Orb ability enhances the team’s endurance during battles, while her Barrier Orb can obstruct main routes or hinder enemy visibility.

3. Omen

Omen is a suitable agent for scouting and rotating on the Ascent map. His Shrouded Step and From the Shadows abilities enable fast and tactical repositioning to gain an advantage.

4. Cypher

Cypher excels as a highly effective Sentinel agent on Ascent. His Tripwire ability obstructs enemy paths and provides valuable information about their movements. His Cyber Cage can also impede enemy visibility or thwart their attacks.

5. Killjoy


Killjoy, another proficient Sentinel agent, can excel on the Ascent map. Her Alarmbot and Turret abilities serve as effective guardians of specific areas, while her Nanoswarm ability deals significant damage to trapped enemies.

6. Sova

Sova, an Initiator agent, is crucial in providing vital information about enemy positions on Ascent. His Recon Bolt and Owl Drone abilities enable scouting and detecting enemies in targeted areas.

7. Breach

As an Initiator agent, Breach’s abilities can cause havoc and make it arduous for enemies due to stunning and blinding effects. The consequences can be devastating when Breach employs skills like Flashpoint, Fault Line, and Rolling Thunder. Utilizing his abilities effectively on various maps, including Ascent, can yield substantial advantages.

These agents are some options available for playing on the Ascent map in Valorant. We hope this article enhances your gameplay and assists you in achieving victory with ease.

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