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All the Essential Information About the PUBG Karakin Map

Krafton has introduced the Karakin map to PUBG Mobile’s primary roster, offering players a Miramar-like experience on a smaller scale.

This piece will delve into all the essential information about the PUBG Mobile Karakin map. Currently, Karakin is less favored among the player community.

Nevertheless, it’s imperative to grasp how to navigate this map sooner rather than later for an easier path to victory. The Karakin map in PUBG deviates significantly from the conventional maps like Erangel, resembling only half the size of Sanhok, which is currently the most miniature map alongside Livik.

Due to its limited dimensions, the Karakin PUBG map can accommodate only 64 players simultaneously, unlike the usual 100 players.

A new hazard known as the Black Zone has been introduced, functioning similarly to the Red Zone but posing a more significant threat, as it leaves players with no refuge within buildings.

The standout feature of PUBG’s Karakin map is its destructible environment. Multiple walls can be shot or demolished to forge new pathways, making the sticky bomb invaluable.

This article will also provide insights into general strategies tailored for the Karakin PUBG map and recommendations for optimal landing locations on the map.

Finding the Ideal Spot to Touch Down on the PUBG Karakin Map


Ensuring a smooth landing is a critical factor that can determine the outcome of your game.

This principle holds for any landing area, and PUBG’s Karakin map is no different. Given its compact size, touching down without encountering other players can be challenging. Swiftly gearing up for self-defense is crucial in case such encounters do occur.

1. Tunnels

Our first destination lies in the center of the map, offering a variety of loot and concealed spots. It’s a secure choice for landing with ample supplies.

2. Bashara

Bashara ranks among Karakin’s most significant locations, featuring undulating terrain. For a tactical advantage upon arrival, consider landing on the tallest rooftop. Bashara falls into the category of high-traffic areas, so exercise caution when choosing to touch down here.

3. Hadiqa Nemo

If you’re seeking a moderately risky spot teeming with resources, Hadiqa Nemo is one of your top options. Thoroughly explore all the shipping containers to secure loot without undue danger.

4. Cargo Ship

This location boasts abundant resources, ensuring you’ll likely find everything you need. However, be prepared for intense battles, as strategic sites like this tend to attract numerous opponents. Only opt for this drop location if you’re ready for immediate combat.

5. Al Hayik

While Al Hayik is the smallest named area in Karakin, it’s a fantastic place to visit. Its minimal obstacles make it ideal for swift supply gathering.

Tips for Mastering the PUBG Karakin Map


While skillful players can excel in any PUBG map, wise players choose strategic locations to boost their chances of victory. The suitability of a place largely depends on a player’s style, leading to each player having their preferred spots.

1. Avoid Hiding at All Costs

Contrary to conventional gameplay, the Karakin map demands a distinct approach due to its fast-paced and action-packed nature. Landing in a popular spot leaves no room for respite as adversaries approach from all directions.

Moreover, the dreaded Black Zones often manifest in these locations. These zones inflict damage even through buildings, necessitating a swift exit when the sirens blare. Staying inside structures is only partially safe since walls can be demolished, and the map lacks foliage for concealment, making hiding a nearly futile endeavor.

2. Keep Moving – Silence Can Be Deadly

Resist the allure of loot, whether it’s from slain foes or supply crates. The map’s small size and sparse cover increase the likelihood of getting ambushed when you linger to gather items. Always ensure no nearby threats before attending to loot, or stick with your current gear.

3. Stock Up on Sticky Bombs

Sticky bombs are invaluable on Karakin, enabling you to breach weakened surfaces. Strategically placed throughout the map are Bunker Caves filled with loot, some of which may require Sticky bombs to access deeper chambers.

4. Lurk Near the Black Zone

The Black Zone’s purpose is to force players out of the safety of buildings, exposing them to areas lacking cover. Seize this opportunity by setting up an ambush for those exiting the Black Zone in a panic, with little regard for the body. After eliminating these players, you can safely loot their belongings.

5. Avoid Initiating Fights

In this intense combat environment reminiscent of Livik, it’s wise not to initiate confrontations. The first shooter often becomes the prime target for everyone else. Instead, adopt a stealthy and patient approach, waiting until only a few players remain before engaging.

Mastering the PUBG Karakin map is a journey akin to learning Livik, given its high combat intensity. There’s still much to discover and adapt to on this map.

There are several things about the Karakin Map in PUBG Mobile that you can find out more about. This article can be a reference for you playing PUBG Mobile. If you want to get the most out of it, Top Up PUBG Mobile is only on UniPin now!

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