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BGMI Rank Push Towards Conqueror: Insights, Strategies, and Advice

Over the past year, BGMI has become a beloved game for youngsters and adults alike. Whether played casually to unwind or pursued as a severe esports career, its widespread popularity is undeniable. 

The tier system within the game adds a layer of competitiveness, even for those indulging in classic matches. 

Attaining the coveted Conqueror tier, the pinnacle of achievement is a shared aspiration among many players. However, with only the top 500 players claiming this prestigious title, the journey to the summit takes time. 

To aid players in their quest for glory, here’s a comprehensive guide encompassing essential tips, points requirements, and strategies for ascending to the pinnacle of BGMI.

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BGMI Conqueror Points Requirement Explained

In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), the ranking system comprises eight tiers, further divided into a total of 34 tiers. Among these tiers, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Crown, are five subdivisions, creating 25 tiers. The remaining three tiers are Ace, Ace Master, and Ace Dominator.

The Ace tier encompasses players with points ranging from 4200 to 4700, Ace Master includes those from 4700 to 5200, and Ace Dominator consists of players with 5200 points or more. To qualify for the prestigious Conqueror tier, players must accumulate a minimum of 4200 points, placing them among the top 500 on the ranking board.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the tiers and their corresponding points requirements:

  1. Bronze V 1000-1300
  2. Bronze IV 1300-1400
  3. Bronze III 1400-1500
  4. Bronze II 1500-1600
  5. Bronze I 1601-1700
  6. Silver V 1701-1800
  7. Silver IV 1801-1900
  8. Silver III 1901-2000
  9. Silver II 2001-2100
  10. Silver I 2101-2200
  11. Gold V 2201-2300
  12. Gold IV 2301-2400
  13. Gold III 2401-2500
  14. Gold II 2501-2600
  15. Gold I 2601-2700
  16. Platinum V 2702-2800
  17. Platinum IV 2801-2900
  18. Platinum III 2901-3000
  19. Platinum II 3001-3100
  20. Platinum I 3101-3200
  21. Diamond V 3201-3300
  22. Diamond IV 3301-3400
  23. Diamond III 3401-3500
  24. Diamond II 3501-3600
  25. Diamond I 3601-3700
  26. Crown V 3701-3800
  27. Crown IV 3801-3900
  28. Crown III 3901-4000
  29. Crown II 4001-4100
  30. Crown I 4101-4200
  31. Ace 4201-4700
  32. Ace Master 4701-5200
  33. Ace Dominator 5201 and above
  34. Conqueror TOP 500 Players

This system offers a clear progression path for players, encouraging them to strive for higher ranks and recognition within the BGMI community.

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Tips for Reaching the Conqueror Tier in BGMI

Achieving a High Number of Finishes

Securing many finishes is vital to accumulating points in each match. Maintaining a favorable Kill-to-Death ratio, ideally between 7 to 10, will contribute to a substantial point increase per game.

Prioritize Longevity in Matches

Early elimination can lead to significant point deductions in the Conqueror tier lobbies, where top-tier players compete. 

Alongside aiming for multiple finishes, prioritizing survival and aiming for a placement within the top three positions, if not securing the Chicken Dinner, is crucial.

Utilize Vehicles for Strategic Movement

Utilizing vehicles for map traversal is essential for safely maneuvering through zones. Traveling on foot makes players vulnerable to enemy attacks, whereas vehicles aid in efficient rotation and provide cover in the absence of natural shelters during the game’s final stages.

Leverage Map Knowledge

A solid map understanding allows players to identify advantageous positions, even in open or final zones. Recognizing strategic points such as small ridges, shacks, and other geographical features can provide crucial tactical advantages.

Acquire Quality Loot

Possessing superior loot, including high-quality weapons such as assault rifles and utility items, is indispensable. Regardless of one’s position in the end game, lacking adequate loot diminishes the ability to secure finishes and defend against adversaries effectively.

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