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Can We Buy Royal Pass in BGMI and How to Get it Using UniPin?

For dedicated players of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Royal Pass offers a chance to enhance their gameplay experience with exclusive rewards, cosmetic items, and bonus features.

This guide delves into acquiring the Royal Pass, exploring both in-game purchases and the option of using UniPin, a reputable top-up platform.

Understanding the Royal Pass BGMI

Within BGMI, players can choose between two tiers of the Royal Pass – the Elite Royale Pass and the Elite Plus Royale Pass. The Elite tier costs 360 UC BGMI (Unknown Cash), the game’s virtual currency, while the Elite Plus tier requires 960 UC. Both passes unlock exclusive rewards throughout the ongoing season, with the Elite Plus offering additional benefits like tier skips and premium mission sets.


Purchasing the Royal Pass In-Game

  • Launch BGMI and navigate to the “Royale Pass” section.
  • Choose your desired tier – Elite or Elite Plus.
  • Select the corresponding UC package based on your chosen tier.
  • Proceed with the payment using your preferred method.
  • Upon successful purchase, return to the Royale Pass section and use the acquired UC to activate the chosen pass.


Utilizing UniPin for Royal Pass Purchase

While in-game purchase exists, some players may prefer using a third-party platform like UniPin.

  • Navigate to the UniPin homepage and click “Midasbuy BGMI.”
  • Log in to your account or create a new one.
  • Enter your player ID associated with BGMI.
  • Choose a payment method, such as UniPin Voucher or UniPin E-Wallet Partner.
  • Select the desired denomination for Unknown Cash (UC).
  • Confirm the transaction and wait for the UC to appear in your BGMI account.
  • Return to the Royale Pass section in BGMI and spend the acquired UC to upgrade to the desired pass.

Important Cautions and Considerations

The specific process for UniPin purchase might vary depending on your region and platform updates. Always prioritize reputable sources like UniPin to avoid scams or fraudulent activities.

Local regulations in certain regions may necessitate alternative methods for purchasing in-game content.

Remember, responsible spending habits should be practiced, especially when dealing with microtransactions within games.

By following these steps and keeping the mentioned points in mind, you can seamlessly acquire the Royal Pass in BGMI. Either directly through in-game purchases or by utilizing the reliable platform of UniPin. This unlocks a plethora of exciting rewards and enriches your BGMI journey.

Well, that’s a review of how to get Royal Pass BGMI that can be used as a player guide. Get the best items immediately by topping up BGMI UC at UniPin.

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