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Discover Gekko’s Wingman in Valorant: Your Ultimate Guide!

Meet Gekko, Agent 22, and his squadron of Wingman—adorable creatures akin to PokĂ©mon that assist him in battle. Their charm, wit, and unique abilities have piqued the interest of many Valorant enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the world of Gekko’s Wingman and learn how to wield its powers effectively!

Exploring Gekko’s Wingman Skills in Valorant

Gekko’s Wingman is activated using skill 2 (Q), summoning a delightful penguin-shaped companion. Once released, Wingman seeks out enemies and detonates, disorienting them with a concussive effect.

Similar to Dizzy, Gekko can command Wingman repeatedly throughout the match.

Wingman’s versatility shines as it can also plant and disarm the spike. However, during these actions, Wingman is vulnerable to enemy attacks.

To safely deploy Wingman for spike-related tasks, strategic use of Sage’s walls or Harbor Cove’s cover is essential.

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Tips Wingman’s Deployment

Beyond combat, Wingman excels at planting and disarming the spike. To plant, Gekko must possess the spike in his inventory.

Simply position Wingman within sight of the spike site, aim accurately, and deploy him by clicking. For disarming, select Wingman, target the spike, and execute the disarm command.

Wingman operates on a 10-second cooldown between uses. If Wingman is defeated, it transforms into an inactive orb for 20 seconds. Gekko must retrieve it within 2 seconds of reaching the orb, or it will vanish from the map.

In addition to its core functionalities, Wingman can be tasked with guarding sites and thwarting enemy attempts to disrupt your strategies.

Considerations and Tactics

During spike defusal, Wingman plays a crucial role. If interrupted mid-defuse or eliminated, the spike’s progress reflects the same status. However, successful defusal by Wingman earns Gekko additional points.

Strategically position Wingman to ensure its safety and effectiveness, especially considering threats like Astra’s Gravity that can disrupt its operations.

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Are You Ready to Deploy Gekko’s Wingman?

Unlock Gekko and his trusty Wingman for 60,000 XP post-agent contract activation or 1000 VP. Equip yourself with this dynamic duo and elevate your Valorant gameplay to new heights!

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