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Exploring the Enhanced Features of BGMI Version 2.5 (BGMI Time Limit)

BGMI Time Limit – The eagerly awaited release of Krafton’s BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) version 2.5 has brought excitement among mobile gamers, now available on Android and iOS platforms. 

BGMI boasts an impressive player base of over 100 million active users, surpassing 130 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Marking its second comeback to the Indian gaming scene, Krafton has implemented several adjustments to align with the government’s requirements. 

These alterations have subtly reshaped the gaming experience, presenting users with fresh exploration elements.

After immersing myself in BGMI on an Android device for the past 48 hours, here are some captivating features of India’s beloved battle royale game that have captured my attention:

BGMI Time Limit

BGMI now imposes a playtime restriction, allowing players under 18 to access the game for three hours daily. 

Similarly, individuals aged 18 and above are limited to six hours of gameplay per day. Notably, the gathered needs to be interfaced, and there is no visible indication to track the remaining playtime.

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Complimentary Permanent Outfits

Krafton is gifting free and permanent costumes to returning and new players joining BGMI to commemorate its return. 

Typically available for purchase with real currency, select costumes will be offered free of charge for a limited duration. 

However, acquiring these exclusive collectibles requires completing specific in-game tasks, such as surviving for over five minutes, visiting the Cheer Park, adding friends, and more.

Color Customization for Blood Effects

In a bid to reduce graphic violence, BGMI features green blood effects upon eliminating opponents instead of the traditional red. 

Additionally, players can opt for alternative hues like yellow, pink, or orange through the colorblind mode accessible from the settings menu.

Introduction of Nusa Map

Version 2.5 introduces the compact 1×1 Nusa map, offering quick-paced gameplay sessions lasting a maximum of 8 minutes per match. 

Alongside the new map, players can expect fresh additions such as vehicles, weaponry, and gameplay mechanics like super recall to enhance their gaming experience.

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Mandatory Disclaimer

Before entering the game, players are greeted with a statutory warning emphasizing that BGMI is a fictional survival simulation set within a virtual environment. 

This disclaimer is reiterated through audio before each match, requiring players to acknowledge it before proceeding.

Cheer Park Entertainment Hub

For seasoned players, introducing the Cheer Park presents a novel virtual space offering various activities. 

Players can enjoy diverse recreational options within this feature-rich environment, from honing aiming skills at the shooting range to engaging in races.

Training Grounds

Newcomers to BGMI can utilize the Training Grounds accessible from the maps menu to refine their shooting proficiency and vehicle handling. This feature grants access to all weapons and vehicles, providing an ideal platform for skill development.

The latest update of BGMI adheres to regulatory guidelines and introduces exciting enhancements to enrich the gaming experience for players across all skill levels.

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