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Genshin Impact Kazuha: The Best Weapons, Artifacts, and Lineup for Her

Finally, Genshin Impact Kazuha was released for the first time not long ago. He is also the first character who comes from the Inazuma region. His element is Anemo and he usually uses a default weapon in the form of a sword. With all the skills he has, he performs well whether as the main DPS or as a support. Yes, the elemental burst he brings can produce continuous damage.

But of course, to optimize the skills and abilities he has, as the player, you should prepare the best build for him. Just like other characters in Genshin Impact, Kazuha needs to get some weapons and artifacts to enable him to fight. So, here are the best weapons, artifacts, and lineup for Kazuha.


Genshin impact kazuha

Although Kazuha can be used both as the main DPS and support, it seems better to have them as the support. Why? It is because almost all the damage potential he has is placed in the elemental skill and burst. Then, to optimize the use of weapons and his damage, he needs weapons to improve her Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery. Here are some recommended weapons for Kazuha.

First, it is the Freedom Sworn. The five-star weapon has a quite long effect on Genshin Impact. It improves the damage of 10 or 12. If the player leads to the elemental reaction, you can get the Sigil of Rebellion once per 0.5 seconds. The weapon also buffs the regular attack with an ATK Stat in 12 seconds.

Second, you can also use the Favonious Sword for Kazuha. It is one of the weapons in the game to bring a high energy recharge. Besides, it also gives additional energy if you let Kazuha produce a critical hit using all the attributes she has.

Third, there is the Sacrificial Sword that brings stats of the Energy Recharge. The weapon also enables Kazuha to use the Elemental Skill twice in a row. It means that the output damage produced is bigger as well as bigger energy with this Kazuha build.

Do you think that the 3 weapons above are quite difficult or even expensive to find? So, here is the last alternative. It is the Jade Cutter that works well for her. Particularly as the support, Kazuha needs enough Critical. Jade Cutter helps her to bring more Critical Rate to support members in his team to produce more damage.


Genshin impact kazuha

All the damages produced by Kazuha are the Anemo Damage or a type of damage made from the Swirl effect. It means that he should have a high Anemo Damage or Elemental Mastery. If the damage has not been enough, the player shod look for the additional energy recharge from some artifacts. For Kazuha, here are some ideal artifacts.

First, Kazuha Genshin Impact should use 4 sets of Viridescent Venerer. This artifact is good for almost all Anemo support characters. There are some benefits to get by the character if using it. The set simply improves the damage produced by the character as well as the Swirl. Uniquely, it also increases the enemy’s Elemental Resistance. Those make Kazuha’s output damage significantly increased.

Second and the last, it is better also for Kazuha to use 4 sets of Noblesse Oblige. This artifact is recommended if you already use Viridescent Venerer for another character. The set increases the damage of the Elemental Burst as well as brings the buff attack of other characters included in her team.


Genshin impact kazuha

Generally, an Anemo character like Kazuha can be included in many lineups. For example, you can create a lineup with the main DPS and 2 Pyro characters like Bennet plus Kazuha. Such a lineup enables you to get the Pyro Resonance and activate the Pyro Swirl effect with her. To complete it, even more, choose also a character for consistent Cyro or Hydro like Kaeya or Xinqiu effects to fill in downtime and provide the Elemental Reaction option.

But of course, aside from the example above, you can also try other compositions such as by teaming up 2 Cyro or Electro characters with Kazuha. More importantly, the lineup must bring a consistent element effect continuously so that the Swirl effect from Kazuha can be activated.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Genshin impact kazuha

Kazuha Genshin Impact, so far, is one of the best characters for a support role in the game. That’s why he tends to have many strengths. The player can get multiple benefits by placing her in the lineup.

Kazuha’s first strength is bringing a high Elemental Mastery buff to support his team using her elemental skill. Besides, her skills and passive talents tend to make Kazuha greatly support the main DPS in the team. Well, it is if you use him as the support anyway.

Next, Kazuha also has very strong passive damage through the Swirl he makes. Lastly, Kazuha performs like a battery of the team when he uses the energy recharge.

But sure, no matter how great Kazuha is, he also has some weaknesses. First, if you want to create the Swirl Reactions of Kazuha, you must combine many elements. It takes time for sure. Second, his elemental burst is good but there AR some characters with better bursts. Venti is one of them.

So, are you interested to get Genshin Impact Kazuha for the improvement of the game?

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