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How to Build a Minecraft House, Easily

Starting in your Minecraft world, you might find yourself holed up in a dismal dirt hut, surrounded by lurking skeletons, zombies, and pesky creepers. Feeling cramped and unsafe, the thought crosses your mind, “I wish I had a proper house right now.” Well, guess what? Constructing Minecraft homes is simpler than you think, requiring effort and a few essential items!

In the realm of Minecraft, houses serve as fundamental structures. They offer crafters a haven to stow away belongings, enchant items, socialize with pals, and settle in comfortably after days of relentless exploration through mine shafts.

The creative scope here knows no limits. We encourage you to unleash your imagination and architectural prowess to build your dream house anywhere in Minecraft. To bring your wildest Minecraft visions to fruition, delve into Minecraft coding through our engaging online classes, led live by experts. 

These courses are crafted by professionals from esteemed institutions like Google, Stanford, and MIT. Dive into our free Minecraft classes without risk – who knows what wonders you might create!

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How to Build a Starter Minecraft House

Check out our exclusive guide to crafting the ultimate starter home, primed for expansion! We’re spilling the beans inspired by Dio Rods’ YouTube tutorial.

1. Gather Your Resources!


This starter dwelling is crafted from day-one materials. The beauty? Every block is interchangeable! Mix and match your favorites to create a unique look. We’ve thrown in some decorative blocks to spark ideas for your interior design.

2. Sketch Out Your Base!

Our starter home rests on a 7 x 4 rectangle – 7 blocks wide on top and 4 blocks tall on the sides. Feel free to adjust the dimensions by extending the length.

3. Lay the Foundation

Erect two-block heights (using spruce logs) at each corner. Then, fill the first layer with stone bricks and the second layer with sideways logs. Look at the stairs!

4. Raise the Walls


Walls are the soul of a top-notch Minecraft house! Before you start, remember to lay the flooring. Use any block that strikes your fancy to jazz up this abode.

  • Front Wall: Utilize stripped oak (achieved by right-clicking an oak log with an ax), stairs, fences, and doors for the front face. As for the back, the ball’s in your court! Let the front inspire your beautiful back wall.
  • Side Wall: Mirror the materials from the front. We’ve even allocated space for a window.
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5. Craft the Roof

A roof truly caps off a home. External roofing comprises stone stairs, while the interior is spruce! We adore how spruce complements the stone. 

Roofing can be tricky, but staggering the stairs on the outside makes the inside a breeze. Crown it with spruce slabs, and voilà – the exterior’s done! (We’ve tossed in a chimney using bricks, trap doors, and a campfire).

6. Spruce up with Decor and Details


The interior’s bare (and so is the exterior). It’s your chance to infuse myriad decorations! Remember to place your bed for a nighttime spawn point reset.

Check out the completed exterior below. Now, it’s your turn to add those embellishments. Bushes, flowers, and even a farm can breathe life into this straightforward abode.

5 Minecraft House Ideas

Seeking Minecraft house inspiration? Crafting your dream abode in Minecraft offers boundless possibilities limited only by your creativity and the blocks at hand. Over the past decade, the game’s colossal player base has constructed millions of houses, many genuinely stunning in their beauty and grandeur.

1. Starter Survival Dwelling


Zaypixel’s charming starter house relies on simple materials like Spruce and Oakwood, Glass, and a touch of Deepslate (substitutable with Cobblestone if desired). The final product is effortlessly built yet exudes an idyllic aura, making it a perfect fit amidst a vibrant flower-filled forest.

2. Luxurious Modern Residence


OSHACRA showcases another splendid modern house design primarily using quartz and concrete. Innovative use of dark oak wood, fences, and rooftop grass layers add depth and character to this build, elevating its appeal.

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3. Expansive Subterranean Abode


Pursuing the ultimate underground house, ItsMarloe creates an exceptional clover-shaped base with a glass roof flush with the ground. The central circle serves storage, while the surrounding areas offer ample space for farming, enchanting, rest, and more. It even conceals a secret room housing a Nether Portal.

4. Three-Level White Container House


ManDooMiN presents a stylish, achievable three-tier modern house with contemporary touches, a departure from the traditional rustic Minecraft house aesthetic.

5. Contemporary House With a Pool


IrieGenie’s creation resembles a traditional, modern mansion with a front pool. Constructed mainly from Quartz, Concrete, Granite, Stone, and Sandstone blocks, this design demands substantial materials but results in an exquisite dwelling.

Those are some things about how to build a house easily in Minecraft. Hopefully this article can help you in playing Minecraft.

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