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How to Control Weapon Recoil Easily in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) presents a range of weapon categories, each sharing a common aspect—recoil. Effectively managing a weapon’s recoil requires players to master the weapon they wield. 

Achieving stability during recoil control necessitates the utilization of various attachments, such as Foregrip and Muzzle attachments. Additionally, players must acquire and apply specific techniques designed to diminish recoil markedly.

What constitutes recoil in BGMI, and how can it be managed?

BGMI features two categories of recoil: vertical and horizontal. Vertical recoil occurs when the firearm ascends during bullet discharge. Players should press down on the screen to counteract vertical recoil, ensuring a straight bullet trajectory. On the other hand, horizontal recoil is more erratic. 

Firearms utilizing 7.62mm ammunition, such as the AKM and M762, generally exhibit more significant recoil than those using 5.56mm ammo, like the M416 and ScarL. The M416 and ScarL boast lower recoil levels, facilitating smoother control and mastery for players.

How to control weapon recoil in BGMI

Efficiently handling recoil is a crucial skill in any shooting game, particularly in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). 

Recoil, characterized by the upward movement of the weapon upon firing, poses a challenge by disrupting your aim and making it more difficult to target opponents accurately. 

Mastering recoil control can enhance gameplay, increasing overall performance and survival prospects.

Below are five valuable tips to mitigate the impact of recoil on your aim. The suggestions are presented in order of their significance:

Here are several recommendations for recoil control in BGMI:

1. Selecting the appropriate firearm

Control Weapon Recoil BGMI

The management of recoil plays a significant role, particularly in BGMI, and it mainly depends on the specific weapon in use. 

Each gun exhibits unique handling characteristics, emphasizing the importance of comprehending recoil patterns and opting for a gun that aligns with your individual playing style and skill set. 

This distinction arises from variations in vertical and horizontal recoil tendencies among firearms.

Engage in experimentation with diverse weapons during training sessions to identify those that suit your comfort level and allow for efficient control. 

Assault rifles like the M416 and Scar L are favored due to their easily controllable recoil patterns.

2. Attachments

Utilize muzzle attachments like compensators and flash hiders, along with grip modifications such as the Vertical grip, Angled foregrip, or Half grip. 

These accessories are crucial in minimizing recoil, allowing you to effectively control weapons like the M416 and ScarL, ensuring smooth and precise mid- to long-range engagements.

3. Aim assist

Designed for novices and experienced gamers, the Aim Assist functionality in BGMI upholds stability during extended-range confrontations, ensuring successful knockdowns or eliminations. 

It aids in sustaining accuracy when players have inflicted damage on adversaries through gunfire. Activating this function is possible by enabling the Aim Assist option in the game settings.

4. Crouch and shoot

The strategy of crouching and shooting finds widespread application among adept gamers and esports professionals when engaging in close-quarter combat. 

The crouching tactic enables players to manage recoil effectively during close-range skirmishes, allowing for consistent headshot accuracy. 

The Aim Assist feature enhances performance during close-range encounters when employing the crouch-and-shoot technique.

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5. Sensitivity


Gamers must regularly train on the practice grounds to refine their sensitivity and fire bullets with accuracy. 

To attain precision, players need to select a specific sensitivity and consistently practice with it. Constantly altering sensitivity settings can result in unpredictable recoil patterns.

6. Prone and shoot

Precision takes precedence in engagements at extended distances, and gamers can employ the prone-and-shoot method to discharge bullets, mitigating recoil and ensuring accuracy during long-range encounters. 

This strategy proves beneficial across all maps in BGMI, with its optimal effectiveness observed in larger terrains such as Erangel and Miramar.

7. Use the lean feature

Control Weapon Recoil BGMI

This feature in BGMI contributes to enhanced stability and recoil management. Tilting left or right during gunfire minimizes your character’s vulnerability to opponents, simultaneously diminishing the impact of recoil on your aiming precision.

Effectively, this game mechanic enables you to cautiously emerge from cover and confront adversaries, offering a tactical advantage in combat. 

Integrate leaning into your gameplay to bolster recoil control, rendering yourself a more challenging target for opponents to hit.

Effective recoil control weapon in BGMI holds significant importance in engagements spanning mid to long ranges. Players should consistently practice with attachments, grips, and the outlined techniques to expedite skill improvement.

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