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How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire – Legitimate Methods Revealed

Are you looking for authentic ways to acquire free diamonds in Free Fire? Look no further; we’ve got you covered. In the Free Fire gaming universe, diamonds are a crucial in-game currency for purchasing various items. While Gold is versatile, certain exclusive items can only be acquired with diamonds.

Understanding the high demand for diamonds due to their increased exchange value, players are constantly seeking avenues to bolster their diamond collection. This article explores legitimate methods to obtain free FF diamonds without resorting to tricks or loopholes.

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How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire 


In the Free Fire universe, Diamonds play a crucial role as an in-game currency for exclusive purchases. While Gold is commonly used, Diamonds hold a unique value, enabling players to access specific items. The challenge lies in acquiring Diamonds, and while many methods exist, discovering legitimate ways can make the process even more rewarding.

1. Free Fire Advance Server Bug Hunting

If you’re fortunate enough to be selected for the Free Fire Advance Server, you can become a bug hunter. Your mission is simple – identify bugs or irregularities in the latest Garena updates and report them with evidence. 

Valid reports may be rewarded with free FF diamonds ranging from 300 to 1000, depending on the significance of the identified issue. Register for access to the Advance Server and embark on the exciting journey of bug hunting to boost your diamond stash.

2. Diamond Top-Up Bonus Promo

Contrary to the perception that Garena only sells items, the “Diamond Top-Up Bonus Promo” offers Survivors a chance to earn free FF diamonds during specific promotional periods, often coinciding with holidays.

 Players can qualify for additional free diamonds by topping up or purchasing diamonds. For instance, a minimal top-up of 70 FF diamonds (approximately Rp. 10 thousand) could yield an additional 70 diamonds. Watch for these promos, which present opportunities to amass free diamonds in various quantities.

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3. Follow Content Creators’ Events and Live Streams


Engage with your favorite content creators beyond merely watching their content. Many content creators, such as Letda Hyper, Aldi TV, Gyzen FF, Wiliam GZ, Andra ST, and A$EP Rocky, organize events or live streams that generously distribute free FF diamonds. 

Stay informed about their schedules and participate in events to stand a chance at winning attractive prizes, including free diamonds. By supporting your preferred content creators, you enjoy their content and enhance your chances of boosting your diamond collection.

While the traditional method of acquiring free FF diamonds through the event tower item may no longer be available, these legitimate strategies provide an exciting and rewarding alternative. 

From bug hunting on the Advance Server to participating in diamond top-up bonus promos and engaging with content creators, Survivors can leverage these methods to enhance their Free Fire gaming experience without resorting to dubious tricks. So, dive into Free Fire and seize these opportunities to accumulate free FF diamonds!

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