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How to Get Rename Card in BGMI to Change Username

For Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players, a cool username is a badge of honor. It reflects your personality and leaves a lasting impression on the battlefield. But what happens when your once-awesome username starts to feel…well, not-so-awesome anymore? Fear not, warriors! BGMI offers several ways to snag a Rename Card and craft a brand-new in-game identity.

The Direct Approach: Purchasing a Rename Card

The most straightforward method involves visiting the in-game shop. For a cool 180 UC (Unknown Cash, BGMI’s premium currency), you can purchase a Rename Card and get christening your character all over again. This option is perfect for players who want a quick and easy solution, especially if they have some UC saved up.


Earning Your Rename Card: The Free Paths

However, there are also free paths to acquiring a Rename Card. The first involves leveling up! As you conquer battlegrounds and rise through the ranks, you’ll unlock various rewards at specific milestones.

Reaching Level 10 grants you a free Rename Card – a nice bonus for players just starting their BGMI journey. This method requires some playtime, but it’s a fantastic way to earn a free name change while familiarizing yourself with the game.

Bonus Renames for Data Migrants

For players who migrated their data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI, there’s a welcome gift waiting: a free Rename Card! This is a thoughtful gesture from the developers, acknowledging your existing PUBG Mobile persona and allowing you to seamlessly transition to BGMI with a fresh username.


Seize the Event: Free Renames Up for Grabs

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for special events within BGMI. Developers frequently host events that reward players with various goodies, including Rename Cards. By participating and racking up event points, you can snag a free name change BGMI and potentially even score other exciting in-game items.

The Name Change Process: A Simple Transformation

Once you’ve secured your Rename Card, changing your username is a breeze. Simply head to your inventory, locate the card, and tap on it. Here’s your chance to unleash your creativity and craft a username that strikes fear (or awe) into the hearts of your opponents! Just remember to confirm your new moniker and hit that “OK” button to solidify your transformation.

Don’t Forget Your Squad!

A friendly tip: After changing your username, remember to inform your squadmates! The last thing you want is for them to accidentally reject your team-up invites because they don’t recognize you under your new, glorious alias. So, with a Rename Card in hand, go forth and conquer the battlegrounds with a fresh identity that truly reflects your inner warrior!

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