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How to Use Jean Genshin Impact and Her Best Builds

The character of Jean Genshin Impact is a favorite Anemo character especially when players are looking for a healer when playing the game. This character has five stars since it can be made into a DPS character besides a healer. Jean is considered a valuable character for the long term because of those abilities.

How to Use Jean Genshin Impact

Guide to play Jean Genshin Impact

Before you can find out how to use Jean Genshin Impact, you need to know the way to get Jean in Genshin Impact. There is no other way to get this character but from Wish Banner. That is why you might not be able to find many players who got her. Many of them are not familiar enough with the way to use this character.

Use Elemental Skills to Launch Enemies

First things first, you need to know the elemental skill of this character. It is Gale Blade. With this skill, Jean can collect and launch her opponents into the air. This way, the enemies will not be able to aim and attack.

You can also take a further step when the opponents fall off into the water. They will get wet and you can switch to a Cryo character so you can freeze them. The damage can also be experienced by the enemies when falling off from a high place.

Use Elemental Burts to Heal Allies and Cause Damage to Enemies

Besides elemental skill, Jean also has elemental burst. It is called Dandelion Breeze. You can utilize this skill for healing this character and her allies. This skill works both in multiplayer and solo gameplay. When activating the burst, Jean will aim the sword to the sky to create a big-sized Anemo AoE around her. It comes with a lot of dandelions. More importantly, the burst will not only have a healing effect but can also cause damage to the enemies.

Use Jean’s Normal Attacks to Hit Enemies

Sword users usually have a specific ability. Besides being good at using swords, they are also good tankers. Her normal attacks are pretty powerful. With her normal attacks, she can fight in close combat. At the same time, she can also handle many enemies at once.

When you are looking for a character for the DPS role, Jean will be an excellent choice. She can offer a balance between attacking and healing abilities. She can play as DPS, healer, and also support. That is why this character is considered one of the most versatile heroes in this game.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Jean Genshin Impact

Gameplay for Jean Genshin Impact

Yes, Jean Genshin Impact is a great character but you must not forget that every character in this game will have strengths and weaknesses. By understanding both, you can improve the performance of this character with the right builds.

What are the strengths of this character? Of course, you have to mention her elemental skill. This skill is very useful since it can control the crowd. Healing will also be necessary during combat and Jean has this skill with her normal attacks. Of course, the elemental bursts will also be a strong point of this character since they can provide damage and AoE Burst Heal at the same time.

It is time to know the weaknesses behind those strengths. The elemental burst is great but it comes with a drawback since it takes a long time to cool down. When Jean performs combos, the enemies will be pushed away. Last but not least, this character can only give low base damage.

Weapon Builds

build Jean Genshin Impact

Jean is a sword user. It means that when you are looking for the jean genshin impact build especially the weapon, you will not be surprised if the options available are swords. For example, Jean will get a great benefit from The Black Sword. This weapon can enhance the damage output and heal her for every Critical Hit.

Another great weapon builds you can use for this character is Aquila Favonia. With this weapon, Jean’s attack will improve up to 20%. It will activate the Falcon of the West soul and heal her completely. At the same time, it can also cause 200% damage to the enemies. However, this kind of effect can only be activated once every 15 seconds.

Jean will also be benefited from the Skyward Blade. This weapon can offer the opportunity to improve about 4% of the attack for Critical Hit. To get this effect, you will need Skypiercing Might after using elemental burst. The movement and attack speed can be increased to 10%. It means that the damage will be bigger than normal attacks. This effect will take 20% for 12 seconds.

Last but not least, you can also use the Favonious Sword. When using this sword can make a critical hit, Jean has the opportunity to produce an elemental orb for about 60-100%. The elemental orb will regenerate six energies from the character. However, this effect can only be used once every 12 seconds.

Artifact Builds

Besides using the weapon build for Jean’s character, you must not forget to build artifacts as well. You can consider using some artifact options. The very first artifact to consider is Noblese Oblige. You will get 20% additional elemental burst damage when using two sets of this artifact. With four sets of Noblese Oblige when using elemental burst, the ATK of all party members will increase at least 20% for 12 seconds. Remember, these effects cannot overlap.

Jean has potential as a DPS character in the team because of her attack build. If she becomes the DPS of the team, she will need Gladiators Finale as her artifact. As a sword user, Jean will give additional damage output with a full set of this artifact.

The last artifact builds to use by jean genshin impact is the Martial Artist Set. With two sets of this artifact, Jean can improve the damage caused by a normal attack with about 15% attack. If Jean uses four sets of this artifact, the normal attack damage will be improved when using the elemental skill with a 25% charge for 8 seconds.

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