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Meet Clove Valorant, the Hybrid Controller-Duelist

Valorant is set to shake up its roster by introducing its twenty-fifth agent, Clove, marking the game’s first foray into a controller-duelist hybrid. Riot Games has officially announced that Clove will debut in Valorant Episode 8 Act 2.

Touted as a revolutionary addition, Clove promises to redefine controllers’ capabilities within Valorant. With a unique blend of abilities, this Scottish agent has the potential to influence the competitive landscape of first-person shooters significantly.

The highly anticipated release of Clove is scheduled for March 26, 2024, stirring excitement among players and professionals alike as they anticipate the impact of this game-changing agent on the meta.

How to Unlock Clove Valorant

Unlocking Clove in Valorant is a straightforward process facilitated through the Progression System implemented in Episode 7. Players need to engage in the 28-day event coinciding with the agent’s release to access this new agent. Once Episode 8 Act 2 is live, players must accumulate sufficient XP within the event’s timeframe to unlock Clove.

Those interested in acquiring previous agents can do so through the in-game store using either 1,000 VP or 8,000 Kingdom Points. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to unlock agents:

  1. Go to the ‘Agents’ tab within Valorant’s in-game store.
  2. Select the agent you wish to unlock.
  3. Opt for the “activate contract” option.
  4. Accumulate 8,000 Kingdom Points to unlock the desired agent.
  5. Alternatively, players can spend 1,000 Valorant Points to unlock an agent.
  6. Players can easily unlock Clove or any desired agent in Valorant by following these steps.

Clove, the latest addition to Valorant’s roster, is poised to revolutionize the role of controllers with a set of abilities that push the boundaries of strategic gameplay.

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Clove Abilities

Each of Clove’s abilities is designed to challenge the current meta of Valorant, potentially reshaping team compositions in both competitive and professional scenes.

Pick Me Up (C) – 1 Charge

Clove Valorant

Upon securing a kill, players can activate Clove’s Pick Me Up ability by pressing C, granting them an overheal akin to Reyna’s Devour. 

This additional 100 health incentivizes controller players to engage in more aggressive duels. 

Notably, the ability comes at only 100 credits, offering a more budget-friendly alternative to Reyna’s Soul Orb.

Meddle (Q) – 1 Charge

Clove Valorant

Clove’s Q ability, Meddle, introduces a throwable orb that inflicts temporary decay upon enemies caught within its radius. 

Upon impact, the orb deals 90 decay damage, effectively weakening affected enemies to a one-shot kill with rifles if they possess half armor. Priced at 250 credits, Meddle serves as a strategic tool for disrupting enemy positions.

Ruse (E) – 2 Charges

Clove Valorant

Clove’s Ruse ability functions similarly to Omen’s Dark Cover, deploying smokes to obscure vision. Notably, these smokes match the size of Brimstone’s and regenerate every 30 seconds, offering a shorter cooldown than Omen’s. 

The second smoke comes for 150 credits, positioning it as a more affordable option than Astra’s while slightly pricier than Brimstone’s and Omen’s. An innovative feature of Clove’s Smoke is its usability even after the agent’s demise, providing continued strategic value post-mortem.

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Not Dead Yet (X) – 7 Ultimate Orbs

Clove Valorant

Clove’s ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet, allows the agent to self-resurrect after being eliminated. However, this powerful ability comes with two significant limitations. 

Firstly, Clove can only activate Not Dead Yet within a brief window after being taken down, akin to Jett’s dash timing. Secondly, players must quickly seek cover upon activation to avoid becoming easy prey for nearby enemies. 

Not Dead Yet requires seven ultimate orbs to activate, one fewer than Sage’s Resurrection ultimate.

Clove’s versatile toolkit allows them to fulfill the controller role while excelling as an entry fragger. 

Whether casting smokes to disrupt enemy sightlines or defying death itself with the Not Dead Yet ultimate, Clove emerges as a formidable presence capable of shifting the balance of any match in their team’s favor.

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