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Step By Step Make Custom Room in BGMI with Custom Cards

Creating a personalized gaming environment within Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a captivating endeavor many players worldwide cherish. Among the plethora of features this renowned battle royale game offers, Custom Room stand out prominently. 

These specialized arenas empower players to curate gameplay experiences, whether arranging matches with friends or orchestrating competitive tournaments. 

This article delineates a step-by-step guide to crafting your custom room in BGMI, enabling you to immerse yourself in tailor-made battles tailored to your preferences.

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How Do You Create a Custom Room in BGMI?

Room Card in BGMI

You’ll require a custom room card to establish a custom room in BGMI. Here’s a breakdown of these cards and how to acquire them. Once you’ve secured a room card, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the main menu and select “Game Modes.”
  2. Access the “Room” tab at your screen’s top-right corner.
  3. Choose the “Create Room” or “Create Advanced Room” button.
  4. Upon entering the custom room setup interface, you’ll encounter various options for tailoring your room, such as selecting the game mode (e.g., classics, TDM, or ultimate arena). Advanced rooms offer additional customization, allowing adjustments to attributes like loot density, airdrop frequency, red zone occurrences, blue zone speed, and more.
  5. Your room name will default to your in-game name. Set a password to prevent unauthorized access, then click “Create Room” to finalize.
  6. Invite friends from your list or share the Custom Room ID and password for them to join. Await their arrival in the room.
  7. Once all participants have assembled, initiate the match by selecting “Start.”
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What Exactly are Custom Room Cards, and How Can One Acquire Them in BGMI?

Room Card in BGMI

Custom Room Cards within BGMI serve as unique in-game items, enabling players to personalize and establish gaming spaces. These cards offer a range of durations and features tailored for crafting custom environments. Here’s an overview of the various Custom Room cards accessible:

  • 7-Day Room Card: Upon activation, this card permits the creation of unlimited Custom Rooms over seven days.
  • 1-Day Room Card: This card facilitates the creation of unlimited Custom Rooms for a single day.
  • 1-Use Room Card: Enabling the creation of only one Custom Room.
  • 7-Use Advanced Room Card: Allows the establishment of unlimited Advanced Custom Rooms across seven days.
  • 1-Use Advanced Room Card: Permits the creation of unlimited Advanced Custom Rooms for one day.

Should one lack any of these Custom Room cards in their BGMI inventory, there are avenues for procurement within the game:

  • Treasure Tab in the Shop: Within the Shop section, under the Treasure tab, a 7-Use Advanced Room card can be acquired for 500 Unknown Currency (UC) and a 1-Use Advanced Room card for 100 UC.
  • Clan Shop: A 1-Use Custom Room card is available for 300 Clan Points in the Clan Shop.
  • Royal Pass: BGMI awards a seven-day and a one-day room activation card as part of the rewards for purchasing and completing the royal pass.

Well, step by step, make a custom room in BGMI with custom cards that can be used as a player guide. Get the best items immediately by purchase BGMI UC at UniPin.

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