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The Ultimate Guide to Dominate with Shotguns in CoD Mobile

When it comes to close-quarters combat in CoD Mobile, shotguns reign supreme. These weapons pack a punch, capable of dropping enemies with one shot, making them essential for fast-paced victories.

Navigating through the array of shotguns available can be daunting for newcomers and veterans alike. Fear not, as we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top 7 shotguns that will undoubtedly give you the upper hand in your next match

Top 7 Shotguns in COD Mobile

Welcome, fellow gamers, to a showdown of epic proportions! In the world of Call of Duty: Mobile, shotguns aren’t just weapons; they’re the heavyweight champions, delivering knockout blows with every blast. 

Imagine facing off against opponents armed with these behemoths that can stop you dead in your tracks with a single, devastating shot. It’s like going up against a tidal wave armed with nothing but a life jacket!

Over the seasons, shotguns in COD: Mobile have evolved into formidable tools of destruction, capable of turning the tide of battle with unparalleled close-range firepower. 

These aren’t your average firearms; they’re more like the secret weapons of stealthy assassins, striking fear into the hearts of foes who dare to underestimate their potency.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter. Among the 9 shotguns available in COD Mobile, we’ve carefully curated the top 7 that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Prepare yourselves, because these bad boys aren’t just guns; they’re game-changers. 

Whether you’re clearing rooms or dominating in close-quarters combat, these shotguns are your ticket to victory in the chaotic arenas of COD: Mobile. 

So, gear up, lock and load, and get ready to unleash pure, unadulterated power on the battlefield. The hunt for the ultimate shotgun begins now!

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1. Striker

Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

The Striker in COD Mobile resembles the semi-automatic shotgun from Modern Warfare 2, excelling in close and medium-range combat with its impressive accuracy. 

While it lacks extensive attachments and falls short in raw stats compared to assault rifles, its potential shines through the Gunsmith feature. 

Players can customize and optimize the Striker to suit their playstyle, making it a viable choice for dominating both Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes.

2. HS2126

Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

The HS2126 is a deadly shotgun designed for close-quarters battles, delivering precise shots that reliably hit their mark. Its high damage output makes it perfect for aggressive playstyles, ensuring swift eliminations in tight combat scenarios.


Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

Widely regarded as the deadliest shotgun in COD Mobile, the ECHO stands out with its swift magazine reload and superior iron sights among shotguns. 

It combines accuracy and control, making it a formidable weapon in any player’s hands. Pairing it with optimal attachments enhances its already impressive capabilities, allowing players to dominate the battlefield effortlessly.

4. R9-0

Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

The R9-0 shotgun stands apart with its ability to unleash multiple shots before needing to reload. This feature strikes a balance between fire rate and hip-fire accuracy, making it a favorite among players who favor aggressive tactics. 

While it excels in close-range combat due to its significant damage potential, its effectiveness diminishes at longer distances.

5. BY-15

Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

Known for its rapid fire rate, the BY-15 rewards accuracy with lethal one-hit kills at a distance. 

Although it debuted in Modern Warfare 2 and arrived in COD Mobile three years ago, it maintains its status as one of the top shotguns, capable of dealing up to 89 damage with 48% accuracy.

Its versatility is marred slightly by lower precision, mobility, and control compared to other top-tier shotguns like the Echo or KRM-262.

6. HS0405

Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

The HS0405 is another powerhouse shotgun, renowned for its ability to secure one-shot kills. Its moderate rate of fire and substantial close-quarter damage make it a formidable choice, albeit with slower reload times compared to some competitors. 

Precision is key with this shotgun, rewarding players who aim for head or chest shots in close combat.

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7. KRM-262

Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

A pump-action favorite, the KRM-262 excels in dispatching opponents with a single shot in close quarters and remains effective at medium range. 

Despite a slower fire rate, its versatility and reliability make it a go-to for mobile players. Recent updates have adjusted its performance, but strategic use of attachments and perks can mitigate any drawbacks, ensuring the KRM-262 remains a potent choice in the hands of skilled players.

Those are some things about the Best Shotguns in COD Mobile in 2024. I hope this article can be a reference for you to play COD Mobile. To maximize it further, you can top up COD Mobile only at UniPin right now!

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