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5 Tips to Come Up With Mobile Legends Cool Names

Crafting a unique name for your Mobile Legends account is an excellent method to make your account stand out among the rest.  Having a cool nickname will let your squad members or opponents know that you’re serious. However, coming up with Mobile Legends cool names can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time.

How to Create Cool Nicknames for Mobile Legends

Create Cool Nicknames for Mobile Legends

The number of great names for Mobile Legends that have already been taken becomes the primary reason why creating a nickname in this mobile game is daunting. As of this writing, there are over 79 million players all around the world, making the competition of finding the most fantastic names get tighter.

While finding something unique is never an easy task, the following guide is expected to provide you with assistance in finding the best Mobile Legends name for your account.

1. Associate the Name With the Game

Mobile Legends has been one of those mobile games that have become truly special for many people of all ages. If it’s a game you spend more time on compared to the others, this should be a logical starting point when you consider making a cool nickname on this game.

Most Mobile Legends cool names available today are closely associated with the game itself. Thus, draw out something significant event in this game as a calling card.

2. Take Inspiration From Your Hobbies

Your hobbies can be your other sources of inspiration when considering how to draw out a cool MLBB name. Incorporating one or two activities, you are really fond of can make your gaming nickname more personal to you.

In addition, the possibility of other players using the same name as you will significantly decrease. You may also incorporate your favorite fictional characters or anything else that allow you to stand out among the mass of Mobile Legends cool names that some of them happen to be a bit uncreative.

3. Consider Using a Terrifying Name

Mobile Legends nicknames are not only created to add gaming experience. Yet, it can also boost the level of your competitiveness, not to mention when you come up with an intimidating name.

Your name can be used to convey to your opponents that you are one of those players they should be feared of. Other players typically will feel intimidated the moment they are competing against players with such names.

Mobile Legends cool names that sound terrifying can help you establish your status as an ambitious player since such monikers never cease to catch many users’ attention. However, abusive language should be avoided.

4. Use Humor

The Mobile Legends names don’t have to be serious. Therefore, if you seem unable to figure out the fitting gaming nickname that suits your preference, try thinking of some of your favorite puns.

The usage of humor can make you stand out, and other players easily remember your tag. Yet you need to make sure the language you are using isn’t too vulgar, even if there is a mass of Mobile Legends players intentionally using offensive nicknames and disguise them with certain characters.

If you are proficient in wordplay, then go with it. Making a name in this approach will make other players more likely to invite you to join their squad.

5. Use Special Characters

You may already have a collection of Mobile Legends cool names, but none of them are available. In this case, you can modify your name using attractive characters. These include adding spaces, numbers, mixing uppercase and lowercase, or even using specific symbols.

While you can actually put some Os or Xs around your nickname to create a brand new nickname like most players tend to do, this may not be the best option for you. Therefore, you best avoid it.

How to Change Nicknames in Mobile Legends

Change Nicknames in Mobile Legends

There are often times when veteran players would like to replace their already Mobile Legends cool names with a much cooler one. However, players only have one chance to change nicknames for free.

Suppose you previously already changed your name and would like to change it again. In that case, there are two methods that enable you to do so without diamonds.

Through an Event

You need to have a Name Change Card to change your nicknames without any diamonds. The card can be obtained through a particular event. Obviously, you need to join the event and complete the quest to get the card.

Through Top Up Bonus

Name Change Card can also be attained whenever you top up your account at the beginning of the season. Aside from being able to change your already cool name in Mobile Legends,  you are eligible to get other prizes, including border and skin, as long as you top up your account with 50 diamonds.

In Conclusion

Whether you are a beginner or veteran player in Mobile Legends, don’t be discouraged when the name you would like to use is already in use.

At the end of the day, when you are dead set on coming up with Mobile Legends cool names, try to take the tips listed above into consideration. Also, if you want to top up your ML diamonds so that you can change your nickname, consider doing so in UniPin to enjoy an easy purchase experience.

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