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Top 10 Google Memory Game You Should Know in 2023

Do you also know that some games are very useful for cultivating your brain so that it has more benefits? Ten google memory games are worth trying to train your brain. This is great for children or adults.

Brain development must be appropriately trained and patiently because brain growth can affect the behavior and habits that we are running. Therefore, to manage this you need ten google memory games!

What is Google Memory Game?

Google Memory Game is a brain-training game created by Google to enhance players’ cognitive abilities. The game features four adorable animal characters – a turtle, pufferfish, octopus, and jellyfish – each producing distinct sounds, which become crucial in the game.

How to Play Google’s Memory Game

Playing Google’s Memory Game is a breeze. Your objective is to sharpen your memory and correctly guess the order of the sounds. The game consists of several levels, with each animal emitting a different sequence of sounds. As you progress, the sound sequences become more challenging, making the game even more intriguing.

To access the game, simply follow these steps

  1. Open a browser on your cellphone or PC/laptop.
  2. Enter the keyword “Google Memory Game” in the search field.
  3. Click the Play button on the search result page.
  4. Start playing and enjoy the game!

Importance of Memory Games

Memory games are enjoyable and highly beneficial, especially for kids. They help improve various brain functions, including memory, attention, concentration, focus, and critical thinking. These games encourage kids to analyze things in detail, enhance their vision, boost IQ, and more.

Top 10 Google Memory Games for Android in 2023


1. Remembery – Memory Game Pairs

Remembery offers various difficulty levels, card packs, and game modes to challenge and improve players’ memory, concentration, thinking speed, accuracy, attention, and logical abilities. The game includes various themes like cuisine, fruits, cats, flags, music, and more.

2. Match & Home’s Design Blast

Design Blast allows players to create and decorate their homes by solving matching puzzles to collect stars and upgrade their residences.

3. Charlotte’s Table

In Charlotte’s Table, players open and manage their restaurant, preparing meals and customizing the establishment’s interior and exterior.

4. Lights – A Memory Game

Lights: A Memory Game tests memory and reflexes with 12 buttons and over 15 game modes, including local multiplayer.

5. NeuroNation

NeuroNation is a powerful app with 34 different exercises and 300 difficulty levels, helping users improve memory, attention, and thinking speed.

6. Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity offers fun puzzles that test mental skills such as decision-making and memory, helping to improve focus and decision-making capabilities.


7. Memory Match by Santa Tracker

Memory Match is a photo-matching game that enhances memory skills through grid-based card matching with various themes.

8. classic sudoku offers brain training with various difficulty levels and themes to improve logical skills and concentration.

9. Brain game kids

Brain game kids offer 12 educational games that keep young minds active while having fun, including puzzles, mazes, and memory games.

10. Kids puzzles for toddlers

This game includes colorful jigsaw puzzles with kids’ favorite items and various themes to stimulate young minds.

Enjoy these top Google Memory games for Android, and keep your mind sharp while having fun!

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