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Top 10 Rarest Items in Roblox

Now GG Roblox players may not be fully aware of the extensive item market within the game. Numerous unique artifacts discovered by players come with serial numbers, which can be either traded or retained by those looking to expand their in-game collections. With a plethora of rare items to choose from, determining their significance to a player can be quite challenging.

The Rarest Items in Roblox

The lineup of the rarest items in the Roblox Avatar Shop is in a constant state of flux, influenced by player purchases and new additions to the shop’s inventory. Below, you’ll find a compilation of the most exclusive items across various categories.

1. Simoon68’s Roblox Tablet

Back on November 26, 2012, simoon68’s ROBLOX Tablet made its debut as a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind item in the Avatar Shop, priced at 200,000 Robux originally, with an average market price of 90,000 Robux.

This coveted item is exclusively available to Builders Club members and has garnered over 5200 favorites in the Avatar Shop. Should you wish to acquire it, be prepared to shell out a staggering 68,686,868,686,868 Robux.

2. Lord of the Federation


The Lord of the Federation is a unique hat, released as a limited-edition item in the Avatar Shop on March 8, 2012, at a cost of 250,000 Robux, with an average price currently standing at 1,277,922 Robux. Only 10 copies of this item exist, and it belongs to the Federation franchise, boasting over 21k favorites in the Avatar Shop.

3. Duke of the Federation

On August 31, 2013, Roblox introduced the Duke of the Federation, a one-of-a-kind hat available in the Avatar Shop for 100,000 Robux (now averaging 1,077,591 Robux). Limited to just 25 copies, this hat is part of the Federation franchise, with only 17 copies remaining as of January 30, 2019. It has gained over 12k favorites in the Avatar Shop.

4. Dark Assassin

The Dark Assassin is a unique headwear item released in the Roblox Avatar Shop on April 1, 2012, in response to the chaos caused by the April 2012 Fools Hack. Initially priced at a mere 12 Robux, it now commands an average price of 81,699 Robux, with a stock of only 21 copies. Surprisingly, this headgear’s sale was not intentional, and it currently has over 6.1k favorites, along with a resale value of 618,033,988 Robux.

5. Dominus Empyreus


The Dominus Empyreus is a one-of-a-kind headwear item released on January 24, 2010, in the Roblox Avatar Shop, with a stock of 26 copies. Its original price was 13,337 Robux, but it now boasts an average price of 7,419,144 Robux. This item marked the beginning of the Dominus series and is currently one of only eight known copies, enjoying over 174k favorites in the Avatar Shop.

6. Dominus Frigidus

Released on March 24, 2011, the Dominus Frigidus is a unique hat item in the Roblox Avatar Shop, with a stock of 26 copies. Initially priced at 39,000 Robux, it now carries an average price of 5,629,236 Robux. Sethycakes created it as part of the Make-A-Request Foundation’s grant, making it the third hat in the Dominus series and one of the most sought-after Roblox rare items. It has accumulated over 121k favorites in the Avatar Shop.

7. Earl of the Federation

The Earl of the Federation, a limited-edition headgear, was introduced on February 14, 2014, with an original price of 50,000 Robux, now averaging at 639,426 Robux. Only 50 copies are available in the Avatar Shop, and it’s affiliated with the Federation franchise, boasting over 10k favorites.

8. Red Bandana of SQL Injection


Roblox released the Red Bandana of SQL Injection on February 24, 2010, as a limited-edition facial item. It originally cost 707 Robux and currently commands an average price of 555,554 Robux, with just 50 copies in stock. This item enjoys over 14k favorites in the Avatar Shop and boasts a resale value of 618,033,988 Robux.

9. Chrysophylax

Chrysophylax, a character exuding pride and wealth, was introduced on March 26, 2010, as a limited-edition headwear item in the Avatar Shop. Only 50 copies are available, with an original value of 3,000 Robux, now averaging at 256,481 Robux. This item has garnered over 5.4k favorites and is listed with a resale value of 999,999,999 Robux.

10. Red Glowing Eyes

The Red Glowing Eyes, a unique face item, made its debut on October 3, 2014, in the Avatar Shop. Initially priced at 10,000 Robux, it now commands an average price of 603,521 Robux, with only 150 copies in existence. It belongs to the Glowing Eyes collection and enjoys over 89k favorites, having been sold over 340 times.

These are some insights into the rarest items in Roblox, providing valuable information for players and collectors alike. For those interested in enhancing their Roblox experience, consider exploring additional features such as Blox Fruit codes and Man Face Roblox. Additionally, you can conveniently top up Roblox account with UniPin.

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