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Top 7 Crucial Positioning Tips for BGMI

Positioning is a fundamental aspect of excelling in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Whether you’re battling it out in intense firefights or trying to outlast opponents until the final moments, mastering the art of positioning can be the key to victory. In this article, we will explore five crucial positioning tips that will elevate your gameplay and help you secure more chicken dinners.

7 Tips Positioning in BGMI

Positioning in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) refers to the strategic placement and movement of your character within the game environment. It is a crucial aspect of gameplay that involves choosing the right locations, angles, and cover to gain a tactical advantage over your opponents. Effective positioning can make the difference between victory and defeat in BGMI. Here are some key elements of positioning in BGMI:

1. Switching between TPP and FPP


The first step to improving your positioning in BGMI is to understand the differences between TPP (Third Person Perspective) and FPP (First Person Perspective) gameplay and adapt your strategies accordingly. In TPP, you have the advantage of using the camera angle to peek around corners without fully exposing yourself. 

This can be incredibly useful for gathering intel on enemy movements while remaining relatively safe. However, it also puts you at a disadvantage when pushing through doors or engaging in close-quarter combat. For these scenarios, switching to FPP offers a better perspective, allowing you to spot enemies faster and respond to threats more effectively.

2. Avoid Silhouetting

One of the most common mistakes players make is unintentionally revealing themselves as easy targets for snipers by silhouetting against the skyline or bright backgrounds. To avoid this, stay near cover and use terrain wisely to maintain a lower profile. By minimizing your exposure, you reduce the chances of getting picked off from a distance, giving you more time to engage or reposition strategically.

3. Zone Control

Understanding the safe and danger zones in the game is essential. Effective positioning involves staying within the safe zone while being prepared to move to a better position as the play zone shrinks.

4. Flanking Maneuvers

In team-based modes, communication and coordination are vital for successful flanking maneuvers. While one or more teammates engage the enemy head-on, others can take advantage of the distraction to move to the side or rear and catch opponents off guard. 

Flanking disrupts the enemy’s positioning, putting them under pressure and making it harder for them to defend effectively. This tactical approach can turn the tide of battle and secure more eliminations for your team.

5. Team Coordination

In squad-based modes, coordinating with your teammates to cover different angles and provide mutual support is essential for successful positioning. Team members can communicate to control strategic positions effectively.

6. Baiting and Ambushing


When a teammate gets knocked down during a firefight, seize the opportunity to use them as bait. Enemies may rush your position, assuming you’re focused on reviving your fallen comrade. Instead, prepare to ambush them as they approach. Take them down one by one as they expose themselves, giving your team a significant advantage in the ongoing battle.

7. Predictive Shooting

As you gain experience in BGMI, work on developing the skill of predicting your enemy’s movements. Observation and anticipation play a crucial role in positioning. When you spot an enemy running between doors or cover, scope in and predict their next move. Being one step ahead will increase your chances of landing crucial shots when it matters most, giving you a significant edge in engagements.

In conclusion, mastering positioning in BGMI is essential for any player looking to improve their gameplay. Whether you’re playing in TPP or FPP mode, being aware of your surroundings, coordinating with teammates, and using terrain wisely can give you the upper hand in intense battles. 

So, next time you drop onto the battlefield, keep these crucial positioning tips in mind and watch as you climb the ranks and achieve more victories in BGMI.

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