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Top 8 Pets for Guaranteed Wins in Free Fire Ranked Matches

Free Fire has evolved with stunning HD graphics and captivating gameplay, offering players diverse features such as clothing, characters, and pets. Garena has introduced numerous pets, each equipped with unique skills to enhance your chances of victory in the game. 

With many choices, making wise decisions when selecting pets is crucial. Here, we present the top eight pets in Free Fire that can elevate your gaming experience.

Top 8 Pets in Free Fire

In Free Fire, a pet refers to a virtual companion players can acquire and utilize in the game. These pets accompany players throughout their matches and offer various abilities and advantages to enhance gameplay and increase the chances of success. 

Pets in Free Fire are not just cosmetic additions but functional elements that contribute to players’ overall strategy and tactics.

Each pet in Free Fire possesses unique skills or abilities that can assist players in different aspects of the game, such as movement speed enhancements, life restoration, grenade throwing distance boosts, enemy tracking, cooldown reduction for skills, bullet restoration, and healing after defeating enemies, among others.

Players can select and equip a pet from their collection before entering a match. Pets may be more advantageous in specific situations or game modes depending on the pet’s abilities and the player’s preferred playstyle. Acquiring and leveling up pets often involves in-game currency or progression through various challenges and events.

1. Dr. Beanies

pets ff

Dr. Beanie is a steadfast companion in Free Fire, providing the advantageous ‘Dashy Duckwalk’ skill that boosts your squatting speed. 

This pet offers a gradual increase in movement speed from 30% at level 1 to 60% at level 3. Dr. Beanie’s abilities make looting, using medkits, and navigating behind Gloo Wall walls more agile and exciting, especially for users of scoped weapons.

2. Mr. Waggor

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Meet Mr. Waggor, the indispensable pet with the ‘Bobble Head’ skill, which restores 10% of a player’s life after successfully eliminating an enemy. 

Beyond its life-saving abilities, Mr. Waggor can also take out a Gloo Wall for free, providing a substantial advantage in battle.

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3. Beaston

pet ff

Remaining a popular choice, Beaston’s ‘Helping Hand’ ability increases throwing distances by 30% for items like Gloo Wall, grenades, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade. 

Ideal for both Fragger and Support roles, Beaston allows players to protect team members from a safer distance during attacks or create chaos with strategic grenade throws.

4. Falco

pet ff

The avian companion, Falco, boasts the ‘Skyline Spree’ skill, enabling faster flight when jumping from the plane. 

This skill facilitates quick access to prime locations, giving players an edge in securing the best weapons and equipment at the beginning of the game.

5. Drake

pet ff

The dragon pet, Drake, possesses the ‘Dragon Glare’ ability to track enemies within a 10-meter distance when firing. 

This valuable information empowers players to execute strategic maneuvers and surprise attacks, making Drake an excellent choice for increasing rankings in close combat and late-game scenarios.

6. Rockie

pet ff

Rockie’s ‘Stay Chill’ skill reduces skill cooldown, making it advantageous for frequent grenade use and strategic planning during close-quarters combat. 

Pairing Rockie with characters possessing active skills, such as Alok, K, or Chrono, enhances battle outcomes.

7. Ottero

pet ff

Ottero stands out with a unique skill that restores 10% of weapon bullets each time an enemy is defeated. 

This ability promotes economical bullet usage, a crucial factor in free-fire battles. Ottero’s automatic activation further contributes to its effectiveness after knocking down an enemy.

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8. Panda

pet ff

The fast-paced fighter’s choice, Panda, stands out with the ability to heal after defeating an enemy. 

Ideal for players who prefer aggressive gameplay, Panda synergizes well with the Jota character in Free Fire.

Choosing the right pet in Free Fire can significantly impact your success in ranked matches. Consider these top eight pets with unique abilities to maximize your chances of achieving victory.

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