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Top Tracks for Racing in Ace Racer Game Mobile, Play to Win!

Ace Racer isn’t just about collecting high-performance cars; it’s about mastering the art of racing across diverse, exhilarating tracks. Each course throws unique challenges your way, pushing your driving skills to the limit.

Whether you crave breakneck speed on straights or relish the technical dance of tight corners, Ace Racer offers a track to suit your racing style. Here, we’ll unveil five of the most popular and thrilling tracks that will have you glued to your screen.


Los Angeles

Buckle up for a high-octane adrenaline rush on the Los Angeles track! This iconic course weaves its way through the bustling cityscape, seamlessly transitioning into exhilarating highway stretches. 

It’s a fan favorite for a reason – the dynamic layout keeps things unpredictable, demanding quick reflexes and strategic use of your car’s ultimate ability. The mix of urban environments and open highways test your adaptability, making it a perfect track for honing your overall racing skills.


Shanghai throws down the gauntlet with its high-speed corners and long straights. This track, set against the backdrop of the modern metropolis, is a playground for speed demons. 

Get ready to unleash your inner racer as you navigate a course that rewards precision and calculated risk-taking. Mastering the sharp turns will unlock the true potential of your car, propelling you towards victory. It’s a perfect track for players who enjoy pushing themselves to the edge and reveling in the thrill of breakneck speed.



Tokyo’s neon-lit streets provide the stage for a challenging and visually stunning race. This track seamlessly blends cityscapes with high-speed sections, demanding both technical prowess and the ability to handle bursts of acceleration. Tight corners require precise driving, while open straights unleash the raw power of your car.

Mastering Tokyo’s complexities separates the good from the great, making it a coveted challenge for skilled players looking to refine their control and timing.


Escape the concrete jungle and embrace the unforgiving beauty of the Nevada desert. This track throws a mix of high-speed straights and technical corners at you, keeping you on your toes throughout the race.

The unique desert environment adds another layer of strategy – mastering the track’s rhythm and anticipating changes in terrain will give you an edge over your opponents. It’s a thrilling course for players who crave a dynamic race experience and enjoy adapting to new environments.


California offers a diverse racing experience, blending cityscapes with high-speed sections. This track demands a balance of speed and control – mastering the technical corners without sacrificing momentum is key to conquering the course.

California is a perfect training ground for players who want to develop a well-rounded skillset. It rewards precise driving and strategic use of nitro boosts, making it a captivating challenge for both new and experienced racers.

These five tracks represent just a glimpse into the diverse racing tapestry woven within Ace Racer. With a variety of tracks catering to different skill levels and preferences, the game offers endless opportunities to refine your skills and dominate the leaderboard. So, gear up, choose your favorite car, and get ready to conquer the asphalt in Ace Racer!

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