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What is The Best Build for Xavier Mobile Legends? Here is the Guide!

Xavier, the Arbiter of Light, reigns supreme as a powerful mage in Mobile Legends. To unleash his true potential and dominate the battlefield, equipping him with the optimal build is paramount. This guide meticulously explores the finest equipment selections, empowering you to transform Xavier into a force to be reckoned with.

Core Build: The Foundation for Success

Demon Shoes

These boots bolster Xavier’s mobility with a +40 Movement Speed boost, crucial for swift map rotations and positioning adjustments during clashes. Additionally, the 10% Cooldown Reduction enhances his skill usage frequency, allowing him to unleash his abilities more often.

Clock of Destiny

This essential item fortifies Xavier’s durability by granting +615 HP and +600 Mana. The +60 Magic Power further strengthens his magical prowess. Moreover, the passive skill progressively augments his HP and Magic Power every 20 seconds, enabling him to scale effectively into the late game.

Enchanted Talisman

This potent item caters to Xavier’s mana management and cooldown reduction needs. It provides a significant 20% cooldown reduction, alongside +50 Magic Power and +250 HP, making him a more formidable magic damage dealer. The passive skill further enhances his maximum mana capacity and grants an additional cooldown reduction, ensuring he can consistently cast his spells throughout the match.


Maximizing Damage Output: The Path to Power

Lightning Truncheon

As the name suggests, this item elevates Xavier’s damage potential. It offers a substantial boost in Magic Power and a 10% cooldown reduction, allowing him to unleash devastating magical attacks. The passive skill adds an extra layer of damage, electrocuting enemies struck by the truncheon, further amplifying his offensive capabilities.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal provides a straightforward yet impactful increase of +60 Magic Power. This straightforward addition significantly strengthens Xavier’s magical attacks, allowing him to eliminate enemies with greater ease.


Situational Powerhouses: Adapting to the Battlefield

Divine Glaive

This item equips Xavier to pierce through enemies with high magic defense. It grants +65 Magic Power and a crucial 35% Magic Penetration, ensuring his magical damage remains potent against foes with robust magical defenses. Consider incorporating Divine Glaive into your build if the opposing team possesses tanky heroes who rely heavily on magic defense.

Genius Wand

This item offers a well-rounded package of benefits for Xavier Mobile Legends. It bolsters his Magic Power by +75 and grants a slight +5% Movement Speed boost for enhanced mobility. The unique attribute provides an additional 10 Magic Penetration, further solidifying his ability to bypass enemy magic defenses.

The passive skill of Genius Wand temporarily reduces the magic defense of enemies Xavier attacks, creating a window of opportunity for him and his teammates to deal significant damage. This item is particularly effective when your team lacks sufficient magic damage penetration.

By following this meticulously crafted build guide, you will equip Xavier with the necessary tools to dominate the battlefield. The core build establishes a solid foundation of mobility, durability, and mana management, while the situational items empower you to adapt your strategy based on the opposing team’s composition.

Remember, mastering Xavier lies not only in his equipment but also in strategically utilizing his abilities and positioning yourself effectively during team fights. With dedication and practice, you can transform Xavier into an unstoppable force, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies and securing victory for your team.

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