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10 Best Left Backs in Career Mode EA FC 24

In EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode, the role of a left backs can significantly influence both defensive solidity and offensive prowess, depending on your team’s formation. Here, we highlight the standout choices for this crucial position.

Managing a team in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode is an enjoyable challenge, as it involves transforming a squad into championship contenders by assembling a formidable lineup with exceptional players across all areas of the pitch.

Top 10 Left Backs for Career Mode in EA FC 24

Discover the top left-back options for under €1 million in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode.

Securing a proficient left back is a strategic priority when adopting a four-defender formation, given their significant role in defensive stability and attacking buildup. 

A reliable left-back enhances defensive resilience and contributes to offensive opportunities, resulting in fewer goals conceded, and more goals scored. Below are the ten most promising left-backs to consider signing in the Career Mode of EA Sports FC 24.

1. Ferland Mendy

With a 4-star skill rating, 5-star weak foot, and high/ high work rate, Ferland Mendy from Real Madrid emerged as a valuable asset for Career Mode teams in EA Sports FC 24. 

His overall rating of 82 and his potential make him a versatile choice capable of making significant contributions in both defensive and offensive phases.

2. Andrew Robertson

Left Backs EA FC 24

Andrew Robertson’s contributions to Liverpool’s success highlight his effectiveness as a left-back option in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode. 

With an 86 overall rating and high work rates, Robertson promises to provide stability and impact in both defensive and offensive phases, making him a top choice for managerial consideration.

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3. Raphaël Guerreiro

Raphaël Guerreiro, recently transferred to Bayern Munich, offers impressive dribbling and passing skills ideal for the left-back position in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode. 

Despite his 82 overall rating, his potential usefulness extends beyond defense, as he can also excel in midfield roles.

4. Alejandro Balde

Alejandro Balde, a product of La Masia, showcases remarkable speed and versatility, capable of operating effectively as both a left and right back. His 81 overall rating and 4-star weak foot make him a promising prospect for Career Mode teams seeking defensive stability and attacking prowess.

5. João Cancelo

Left Backs EA FC 24

João Cancelo, renowned for his attacking prowess and versatility, offers a dynamic presence on the left flank. With an 86 overall rating and growth potential, Cancelo presents an immediate impact option for Career Mode teams, adaptable to various tactical demands.

6. Nuno Mendes

Nuno Mendes, recognized as a rising star in the left-back position, exhibits promising attributes such as pace and dribbling, making him an invaluable asset for Career Mode squads. With an initial rating of 82 and a potential ceiling of 87, he promises long-term success and adaptability across various tactical setups.

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7. Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw’s consistent performances for Manchester United and England position him as a reliable left-back option in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode. With an initial rating and potential of 83, Shaw offers defensive solidity and the potential for growth with strategic development plans.

8. Alphonso Davies

Left Backs EA FC 24

Despite injury setbacks, Alphonso Davies remains one of the premier left-backs globally, boasting impressive attacking attributes and pace. Starting with an 83 overall rating and the potential to reach 88, Davies presents a dynamic option capable of contributing effectively across multiple positions.

9. Marcos Acuña

Marcos Acuña, with an 85 overall rating, offers seasoned experience and defensive prowess suitable for shorter-term rebuilding strategies in Career Mode. While his age may limit long-term prospects, Acuña’s reliability and performance consistency make him a valuable addition to any squad.

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10. Theo Hernández

Theo Hernández’s consistent performances for AC Milan and potential rating of 88 position him as a top-tier left-back option in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode. With strategic planning, Hernández promises long-term stability and excellence in defensive roles.

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