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Avoiding Common Mistakes in EA FC 24

Succeeding in EA Sports FC 24 requires removing prevalent errors that can impede your progress and enjoyment of the game. Regardless of your experience level, being mindful of these pitfalls is crucial. This article delves into the most frequent mistakes in EA FC 24 and offers valuable suggestions to help you sidestep them, enhancing your gameplay and maximizing performance.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in EA FC 24

For those new to FC Mobile, crucial tips are outlined to prevent common mistakes often made by inexperienced players. 

These beginner-oriented tips cover various aspects of the game, including maintaining playing experience, selecting formations, and effectively managing FC Points and Gems.

Paying attention to these FC Mobile tips for beginners is vital to ensuring a fulfilling gaming experience and extracting the most from your in-game resources to enhance your OVR Club, also known as the Ultimate Team.

1. Opt for O (Circle) instead of X When Clearing the Ball

Instead of using the X button to clear the ball, utilizing the O (Circle) button is advisable. This enables your players to perform better in aerial duels, ensuring successful ball clearance even in challenging situations. 

Choosing O is particularly effective when dealing with opponents attempting to dribble or reach for a pass near the edge of the box.

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2. Minimize the Use of the Tackle Button

Mistakes in EA FC 24

In most situations, the jockey button is sufficient to retrieve the ball from your opponent. Excessive use of the tackle button can lead to fouls, creating dangerous standard conditions for the opposing team. 

While tactical fouls are occasionally necessary, using the tackle button sparingly is recommended.

3. Avoid ‘The Sprint Touch’

Casual players often fall victim to ‘The Sprint Touch,’ where holding R2 on the first touch after receiving the ball results in heavy and annoying touches. 

To avoid this, refrain from using R2 on the first touch and maintain better control over the ball for more accurate shots, passes, and skill moves.

4. Optimal Player Switching

Avoid overusing the L1 button for player switching, as the computer selects the closest player in this mode. 

Instead, combine L1 with R3 to choose the player you want to switch to, enhancing defensive capabilities in EA FC 24.

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5. Moderation in Using the Sprint Button

Excessive use of the sprint button can lead to missed opportunities. Release the sprint button (R2) in open spaces during 1-on-1 situations for better ball control and increased accuracy in shots, passes, and skill moves.

6. Exercise Patience in Attacks

Mistakes in EA FC 24

In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, it’s exhilarating to attack, but patience is vital. Avoid forcing attacks, as this can lead to mistakes and turnovers. 

Focus on building up attacks patiently, exploit opponent weaknesses, and maintain possession by passing back to defenders or the goalkeeper when necessary for a more strategic and controlled approach.

7. Minimum Cell Phone Specifications: Avoid Downloading Commentator Content

When delving into FC Mobile tips for novices, it’s crucial to consider the device you’re utilizing. This aspect significantly impacts your gaming experience.

If your cellphone or smartphone has limited memory or feels burdened with gameplay, refrain from adding to the strain by downloading commentator content in Commentary & SFX. Such content comprises large files that can further impede your device’s performance, ultimately disrupting and diminishing your gaming experience.

8. Avoid Formations with Three Defenders

Selecting the appropriate formation greatly influences match outcomes and is fundamental to FC Mobile strategies for beginners.

While the game offers numerous formation options, some are only available once you’ve progressed. 

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Despite individual playing styles, opting for a formation with only three defenders is ill-advised. 

Although it may align with your preferred style, utilizing this setup weakens your defensive line and renders it susceptible to your opponent’s attacks.

Against skilled adversaries employing high-speed attackers, dismantling a defense structured with only three defenders becomes increasingly challenging.

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