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Best Tactics for Corner Kicks EA FC 24

If you need help finding the back of the net in EA FC 24, mastering the latest corner kicks, particularly with the rise of the five-at-the-back formation meta, can make a significant difference. While the goals resulting from this tactic might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, they all contribute to your overall score.

Given the increasing prevalence of the five-at-the-back formation since the FC 24 release, breaking down opponents and scoring has become more challenging. In such a scenario, having a reliable set-piece routine becomes crucial, offering the potential to secure tight victories and enhance your FC 24 Ultimate Team performance.

The extensive hours dedicated to playing and reviewing FC 24 allowed us to stay abreast of the evolving meta during the game’s early stages. As the game dynamics settle and players recognize the effectiveness of specific mechanics, we can present you with a corner routine that can be your new go-to strategy.

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Tips Scoring from Corner Kicks in EA FC 24

Corner Kicks EA FC 24

To maximize your success in scoring from corners in FC 24, the key lies in understanding PlayStyles, a new mechanic introduced in the recent game, which has taken precedence over Traits.

Traits often went unnoticed in previous FIFA titles unless specifically examining a player’s profile. However, in FC 24, PlayStyles play a crucial role in identifying the best meta players.

For your corner taker, prioritize PlayStyles such as Whipped Pass or, better yet, the PlayStyles+ version. 

This ensures that all crosses are highly accurate, travel faster, and exhibit more curves. With the PlayStyles+ upgrade, players also perform driven crosses with exceptional power.

If your squad lacks a player with the specified PlayStyle, the Dead Ball PlayStyle becomes the next best option. This results in set pieces being delivered with increased speed, curve, and accuracy, with the preview line of the ball trajectory somewhat longer. 

Opting for Dead Ball+ further enhances this, offering set pieces with exceptional speed, curve, and accuracy and a maximum-length trajectory preview line.

The objective is to execute an inswinging corner around the penalty spot area with sufficient speed and whip, making it challenging for the opposition to defend. 

Now that the corner-taker is sorted, attention turns to the player who will capitalize on the cross.

Look for a player with the Power Header PlayStyle or its upgraded version, PlayStyle+. These players perform headers with increased power and accuracy, increasing the likelihood of finding the back of the net.

Additionally, having the Aerial PlayStyle significantly improves success in aerial duels. Players with the Power Header and Aerial PlayStyles become formidable threats in the air.

Now armed with the knowledge of the preferred player types and the fundamental concept of the corner routine in FC 24, let’s delve into the step-by-step guide on executing it effectively.

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EA FC 24 Corner Routine Guide: A Step-by-Step Approach

Corner Kicks EA FC 24

Follow this detailed guide to implement a lethal corner routine in FC 24. Master the steps in practice and seamlessly transfer them to the virtual pitch to score effortlessly:

  1. Choose a corner taker with the Whipped Pass PlayStyle (or Dead Ball) capable of delivering an inswinging cross (right-footed player on the left, left-footed player on the right).
  2. Utilize the right analog stick to impart maximum side spin on the ball while maintaining a central height target, displaying as ‘Inside Foot Curled.’
  3. Direct your trajectory line toward the penalty spot.
  4. Press L1 (PlayStation) or LB (Xbox) to select a player in the box.
  5. Hold Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) to charge your kick up to three power bars without initiating the kick animation.
  6. Use L1 (PlayStation) or LB (Xbox) to choose a player with the Power Header PlayStyle inside the box.
  7. Employ the left analog stick to run toward the penalty box, pressing Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) simultaneously to initiate the corner kick.
  8. Press Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) while aiming at the goal to head the ball and score!

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