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A Comprehensive Guide Vector BGMI with Tips and More

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) presents a diverse selection of weapons, each possessing unique attributes. The Vector emerges as a potent and often underestimated choice among these options. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the potential of the Vector, examining its strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for maximizing its effectiveness on the battlefield.

Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Vector in BGMI

The Vector is a formidable SMG (Submachine Gun) with remarkable potential when wielded by skilled players. While it may not deliver the most significant damage per shot within the SMG category, its rapid-fire rate compensates for this drawback, rendering it a formidable choice for close-quarters combat.

1.1 Damage Details


Fundamentally, the Vector delivers a base damage of approximately 33 (chest damage), which is reasonably average for an SMG. However, it truly shines when considering its remarkable rate of fire, allowing it to unleash nearly 19 rounds per second. This aspect significantly influences the weapon’s overall effectiveness.

1.2 Damage Per Second (DPS)

To assess a weapon’s true potential, it’s imperative to evaluate its damage per second (DPS). The Vector impressively boasts a DPS of around 620, surpassing many other SMGs available. Only a few AirDrop-exclusive weapons, like the MG-3 and Mk-14, can outperform its high DPS.

Addressing Weaknesses: Managing the Vector’s Limitations

While the Vector possesses considerable power, its inherent limitations restrict its widespread use.

2.1 Limited Magazine Capacity

The primary drawback of the Vector is its meager magazine size, holding a mere 19 rounds. This limited capacity can deplete ammunition rapidly during intense firefights, potentially leaving you vulnerable. To mitigate this issue, equip the Vector with an extended magazine, increasing the round count to 33. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that even with the extended magazine, the Vector can still consume ammunition swiftly.

2.2 Challenging Recoil Control

The Vector’s rapid-fire rate can challenge maintaining control during extended engagements. Its high shooting speed demands quick adjustments to your aim, which can be particularly challenging, especially on devices with lower FPS (Frames Per Second). If you struggle to manage your shots effectively, consider exploring alternative SMGs with more manageable recoil patterns.

The Art of Customization: Enhancing Vector’s Performance

Making informed customization choices is crucial to harness the Vector’s full potential.

3.1 Recommended Attachments

  • Grips: Opt for either the vertical grip or the laser sight to enhance stability and accuracy during firefights.
  • Tactical Stock: Attach a tactical stock to reduce recoil, increasing your chances of landing precise shots.

Embrace the Lethal Potential of the Vector


In BGMI, the Vector undoubtedly ranks among the deadliest SMGs available. Its incredible DPS and rapid fire rate enable it to shred through opponents effortlessly. While its limitations may deter some players, those who adapt to its unique playstyle and leverage its strengths will wield an unrivaled weapon on the battlefield.

Remember, mastering any weapon requires practice. Give the Vector a chance, experiment with various attachments, and determine if it aligns with your play style. Like any other weapon, it may not excel in every situation, but the Vector can become a game-changing asset in capable hands.

So, why not give the Vector a try? It might become your preferred choice for intense encounters, shifting the balance of battles in your favor. Happy hunting, and may the Vector lead you to victory in BGMI and Top Up BGMI now in UniPin! In the meantime, explore more of our BGMI Guides here.

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