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A Detailed Overview Newest Mobile Legends Bang Bang Emblem System

Mobile Legends recent introduction of the new emblem system, players now have the opportunity to experiment with something fresh. Nevertheless, it’s understandable that this alteration may pose challenges for specific players.

This emblem system represents the most substantial shift in the gaming sector since its initial implementation. In the past, only minor tweaks were made to its effects. The encouraging aspect of this transformation is that Moonton has implemented it intending to simplify it.

Emblem System Mobile Legends 2023


In the Mobile Legends 2023 update, the emblem system has undergone a significant transformation, bringing new possibilities and strategies to the game. Alongside improvements to existing emblems, fresh additions like the Jungle, Support, and Roamer emblems promise to reshape the gameplay experience.

Jungle Emblem

One standout newcomer is the Jungle emblem, tailored for heroes who can clear forests and jungling. This emblem empowers characters with boosted attributes, including enhanced attack speed, energy regeneration, and improved damage against forest creatures. With these upgrades, heroes can efficiently hunt forest monsters and level up faster.

Support Emblem

Another exciting addition is the Support emblem, tailored for characters who fulfill support roles, such as healers or buff providers. Equipping the Support emblem grants characters increased attributes like faster HP regeneration, enhanced healing effects, and extended buff durations for teammates. This strengthens their role as valuable support characters, enhancing their healing capabilities and buffs.

Roamer Emblem

The Roamer emblem introduces an intriguing option for tank heroes and initiators. This emblem gives characters advantages such as heightened movement speed, improved critical attack effects, and increased enemy defense reduction. These enhancements make characters more effective in initiating attacks and dealing substantial damage to their foes.

Revamped Physical, Magic, and Tank Emblems

The existing Physical, Magic, and Tank emblems have also been revamped to offer more potent and diversified effects. For example, the Physical emblem now boosts attack speed, critical hits, and physical damage. Magic emblems enhance magic attacks, attack speed, and magic penetration. In contrast, the Tank emblem provides increased physical and magic defense and HP regeneration.

New Talent Emblem Mobile Legends


Tier 1 Talent Enhancements

  • Thrill (Common)

Gain an extra 16 adaptive attacks.

  • Swift (Common)

Enjoy an additional 10% increase in attack speed.

  • Vitality (Tank)

Acquire an extra 225 maximum HP.

  • Rupture (Assassin)

Receive an additional 5 points of adaptive penetration.

  • Inspire (Mage)

Obtain an extra 5% cooldown reduction.

  • Firmness (Fighter)

Gain 6 additional points of physical and magical defense.

  • Agility (Support)

Attain an extra 5% movement speed.

  • Fatal Marksman (Marksman)

Get an additional 5% critical chance, and 10% increased critical damage.

Tier 2 Talent Upgrades

  • Life Drain (Common)

Restores 3% HP and 1.5% mana upon getting a kill or assist from an enemy minion.

  • Seasoned Hunter (Common)

Increases damage to Lords and Turtles by 15%, with the bonus halved when fighting regular creeps; no impact on Retribution damage.

  • Tenacity (Tank)

Boosts physical and magical defense by 18% when HP drops below 50%.

  • Master Assassin (Assassin)

It deals 4% more damage when there’s only one nearby enemy.

  • Bargain Hunter (Mage)

Allows the purchase of equipment (items) at 95% of the original price.

  • Festival of Blood (Fighter)

It gains an extra 6% spell vamp, and each kill or assist from an opposing hero adds 0.5% spell vamp (stackable up to 6 times).

  • Pull Yourself Together (Support)

Reduces the cooldown of active battle spells and skill items by 15%.

  • Weapons Master (Marksman)

Increases physical attack and magic power obtained from items, emblems, talents, and skills by 5%.

Tier 3 Talent Abilities

  • Impure Rage (Common)

Dealing with a skill yields additional adaptive damage (scales with level) and restores 2% mana; if the hero doesn’t use mana, it restores 1% HP instead.

  • Quantum Charge (Common)

Dealing damage with basic attacks grants a 40% movement speed boost for 1.5 seconds and restores 75-180 HP (scales with level).

  • Concussive Blast (Tank)

After the next basic attack, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

  • Killing Spree (Assassin)

Instantly restores 8% max HP and gains an additional 15% movement speed for 3 seconds after eliminating an opponent’s hero.

  • Lethal Ignition (Mage)

Dealing damage to an opponent’s hero increases damage to a teammate’s hero by 6% for 3 seconds.

  • Brave Smite (Fighter)

Dealing damage through skills to an enemy restores 5% of max HP.

  • Focusing Mark (Support)

Dealing damage to enemy heroes increases damage to teammate heroes by 6% for 3 seconds.

  • Weakness Finder (Marksman)

Basic attacks have a 20% chance of reducing the opponent’s hero movement speed by 90% and the opponent’s attack speed by 50% for 0.5 seconds.

Emblem System Improvements

The Mobile Legends team has implemented several improvements to the emblem system:

  • Emblem levels will not reset to zero after the update, ensuring players’ progress is retained.
  • Optimizations have been made to reduce device and RAM load, resulting in smoother gameplay.
  • Players can easily customize emblems during the drafting phase, with each hero having three emblem sets.
  • Emblem upgrades no longer require Battle Points, using magic dust or emblem fragments instead.
  • The new emblem designs retain familiarity with the previous emblem, reducing the learning curve.

Mobile Legends’ 2023 emblem system overhaul ushers in a new era of strategic possibilities. The Jungle, Support, and Roamer emblems introduce specialized attributes, while revamped existing emblems provide enhanced effects. Players now have greater freedom to tailor character attributes to their playstyle and hero choices. 

With these changes, Mobile Legends is committed to delivering an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience. It’s an exciting time for players to explore fresh strategies and see how the emblem system influences the game’s meta and hero choices.

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