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Must Try, 7 Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends

As the name suggests, the primary function of a Support hero in Mobile Legends is to become Support other heroes on his team, regardless of the situation. The trick is to become a shield for other heroes or heal them.

Even Support heroes can sacrifice themselves by becoming Tanks so that other heroes can stay alive. There are some of the best support heroes that you can use, you know, like Estes, Angela, Diggie, etc.

Hero Support usually helps bring Crowd Control, Buff, and Heal. They are generally perfect to use at the beginning of the game because the damage produced is extensive. But in the mid-game and late game, the damage they have doesn’t really matter. Are you curious about the best Support heroes in Mobile Legends?

Tier List of the 7 Best Hero Support in Mobile Legends 2023


Hero support is essential in the team, but it’s a shame they don’t get much attention. Why? Because it is difficult to be a support team. From being a healer to keeping a teammate’s HP filled. Also supports teammates by giving buffs.

This Support could be the key to success for a team to bulldoze their opponents. Teammates will focus more on their roles without worrying about running out of HP. On the other hand, hero support also doesn’t significantly damage the fight. Also, need the protection of his team to survive.

Here are the seven best support heroes in Mobile Legends that are very useful in teams:

1. Estes

Estes is proven in the M-series world championship as the best support hero in Mobile Legends. Estes’ healing support for the team is beneficial. Estes’ strengths are skills that provide HP regeneration to teammates very quickly. So they can focus on carrying out their role.

Estes’ ability, which is also very popular, is that he can slow down his opponent by up to 90% and last for a few seconds! So the Estes team hero can run away or use this opportunity to finish off the opponent right away. Besides being able to heal her team’s heroes, Estes can also heal herself, so she lasts a long time in battle.

2. Faramis

After the Patch Update a while ago, the existing meta seemed to be in favor of this one Hero, a Hero that was once forgotten is now starting to be targeted, different from other Support Faramis’ position can vary greatly both in mid and even he can be in a side position with Fighter.

Even though he didn’t get a Buff in the update, Faramis is still a hero who benefits from the Patch. Because in that Patch, several heroes are Buffed so they can deal more damage to turrets like Bane, Sun, and Masha, so it’s no wonder the Push Turret meta is now used as the winner.

3. Diggie

Digie is a support hero who has the ultimate anti-Crowd Control skill. DIggie can also damage the opponent’s skill combo formation through the skills he has. After he dies, Diggie can create a vision map for his teammates. 

Even though it doesn’t have significant damage when it becomes an egg, the skill performed then can cancel the enemy’s recall effect. Apart from support heroes, you may need to know more about the best Fighter heroes in Mobile Legend 2023, OK?

4. Kaja

Unlike Diggie, which is easy for beginners to control, Kaja does require practice. But if you can handle it, Kaja will be a support hero who can help the team. Master Kaja’s skills, and he will quickly weaken the enemy! If your team has Kaja, it will be easy to separate opponents who do significant damage and mess up their composition!

Indeed, Kaja is somewhat squishy, aka weak, and he is easy prey for Assassin heroes, but he can quickly escape from enemy attacks. Ensure that if Kaja attacks, he is in a safe, hidden location so your opponent won’t find him easily.

5. Mathilda


The last Support Hero is Mathilda. Since entering the Early Game phase, Mathilda has protected her teammates well thanks to her Crowd Control ability in the form of a Knockback effect which can make opponents move away from Mathilda’s teammates.

Mathilda also has a very high mobility ability. So that Mathilda can rotate quickly to help the team from one lane to another.

6. Camila

This support hero is not famous because it has a high level of difficulty. Because it has to be built correctly to work properly. Carmila’s advantage is that she can clean the lane effectively. In fact, he can quickly get rid of tanks in the lane.

Carmilla is one of the strongest Support heroes with a very high Lifesteal ability. So Carmilla can play barbarically without worrying about running out of HP when attacking opposing heroes.

7. Angela

Last Hero support named Angela. This Hero can be classified as a viral hero in the pick. Angela herself is often referred to as Queen Slow because the skill effect she casts makes enemy movements languid as the stack increases.

Angela also has an instrumental skill as a support hero: possessing her teammate and providing a sizable shield against her. While in Angela’s teammate’s body, she can still perform skills that are very helpful during team fights.

Meta, who takes advantage of Support as a hero in the Mid and accompanies Core Angela, will be very useful because he can move freely and down without losing the lane. To fully utilize Angela, you can use a Hero with the Assassin Fighter type as a Hyper to be possessed by Angela.

So, that’s an explanation of some Support heroes with powerful abilities. Hope it is helpful for you! Remember to Top Up Diamond ML at UniPin!

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