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Estes Mobile Legends Strengths and Weaknesses for You to Know

Estes Mobile Legends is one of the most popular Support heroes in this game. And it is not surprising since he has many abilities that are beneficial for his teammates. However, that is not the only reason why Mobile Legends players love Estes so much.

One of the reasons why Estes is incredible is because of how unique his skills are. He has a skill that allows him to regenerate his teammates’ health points. By using Estes, you will be able to play without having to hassle about recalling.

If you want to know how incredible Estes is, you need to know all of his strengths. You also need to know how to use Estes Mobile Legends. And on top of all of that, you also need to know all of his weaknesses. And luckily for you, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Estes.

Estes Can Protect the Core Hero Brilliantly

Estes Mobile Legends

The most incredible advantage of playing with Estes is he can perfectly protect the core hero. Why? Well, simply because Estes has a fantastic skill that can help regenerate his teammate’s health points. Other than that, he also has a skill that can give a crowd control effect.

With the help of both of these skills, Estes can do his job pretty well as a Support hero. He can easily improve the durability of the core hero, making them unstoppable. If you are using Estes, you will be able to rely on both of those skills to bring your team to victory.

Improves the Team’s Strength During a War

Estes Mobile Legends

Estes’ second strength is the fact that he can make his team very powerful during a war. Estes has two special skills that help make this come true. These skills include his first skill, Moonlight Immersion, and his ultimate skill, Blessing of Moon Goddess.

His first and ultimate skills can easily make Estes and his teammates very powerful. Why? Because Estes can significantly improve all of his teammates’ health points. On top of that, he can also increase their physical defense, magical defense, and movement speed.

Mobile Legends Estes’ abilities also become the reason why he is very useful during a war. He is the perfect Support hero thanks to all of those abilities. That is why you might want to think about using Estes for your next game.

Estes Has an Incredible Crowd Control Skill

Estes Mobile Legends

Another reason why Estes is very reliable is because of his crowd control skill. Not only that, but Estes’ damage is also very impactful. Both of those things are thanks to his passive and second skills.

Estes Mobile Legends has Scripture of the Moon Elf as his passive skill. This skill provides a significant increase to his basic attack damage. To be specific, this skill adds 250 points of damage to Estes, including his total physical attack and total magic power. On top of that, this passive skill gives his basic attack a 60% slow effect for 1.5 seconds.

Estes’ second skill, the Domain from the Moon God, allows him to inflict hurtful crowd control damage. With this skill, he can create a circle of an area that will inflict a total of 350 damage points to his enemies. This crowd control skill will also give a 90% slow effect to those enemies for as long as 1.5 seconds.

The Weaknesses of Estes

Estes Mobile Legends

Although he is a relatively powerful Support hero, Estes also has a couple of weaknesses you should know. Every hero in Mobile Legends has their weaknesses. And it is your job as a player to be able to overcome those weaknesses.

Without the right Estes MLBB builds, this Support hero might not be as powerful as he can be. The first thing you need to do to make sure that Estes can maximize his potential is by equipping the right build for him. The right items will further improve his abilities during any game.

Once you have equipped the best build for this hero, you need to learn his weaknesses. That way, you will be able to know what to expect when you are using Estes. You will also be able to learn how to overcome all of your weaknesses.

The first weakness of Estes is that he cannot carry the whole team. Estes is a Support hero, which means he is probably not powerful enough to carry the whole team. You cannot use Estes and expect to win every game without any strategy.

One of the reasons why Estes cannot carry his team is because he does not have impressive burst damage. Other than that, he cannot do a split push or kill a lord by himself. That is why Estes will rely on other characters to win a game.

Another weakness of Estes is that he does not have a blink skill. Because of this, Estes is not very agile. Enemies will be able to easily lock on him during a war.

In conclusion, Estes might be one of the best support heroes in Mobile Legends. That is why you should try playing with Estes Mobile Legends right now.

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