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Here is Why You Need to Play Using Selena Mobile Legends to Win Every Game

Selena Mobile Legends might not be the best hero in this game. However, you can find many reasons you should use this Assassin/Mage hero in every game. And you might also wonder why this hero is famous among Mobile Legends players.

Selena is a unique hero because she has many perks that no other hero in Mobile Legends has. Although she is an Assassin and a Mage, you will often see Selena as a Support hero.

Other than her unique perks, Selena also has seven different skills that you can use. Each skill has its brilliant function that helps you take your team to victory. Here are a couple of reasons you should use Mobile Legend Selena in this game.

Selena Has Impressive Damage in the Early Game

Selena Mobile Legends

Most heroes are weak during the early game. However, the same thing does not apply to Selena, considering she has quite impressive damage during the early game. And this incredible damage is not only because she uses a magic item.

Selena has a very brilliant skill that gives her incredible bonus damage. Almost every Marksman, Assassin, or Mage hero in Mobile Legends can die if they face Selena’s combo attack. Unfortunately, to inflict this kind of damage, you need to have impressive finger speed and instinct. Not every Mobile Legends player has both of those things.

Selena has a couple of deadly skills. These skills include Abyssal Trap, Abyssal Arrow, Primal Darkness, Soul Eater, and her basic attack. With a combination of those skills, you will be able to kill your targets easily using Selena. You can also continue your combo with Garotte, which will certainly kill your enemy.

Selena has a Deadly Crowd Control Skill

Selena Mobile Legends

Aside from the cool Mobile Legends Selena’s new skin, she also has a very deadly crowd control skill. Out of the seven skills that she has, Selena only has two skills that have a crowd control effect. Despite that, both of these skills have a long stun effect.

The impressive stun effect of both of those skills is very difficult to avoid. The stun effect will also give additional huge damage to her enemies. The skills that have a crowd control effect include Abyssal Trap and Abyssal Arrow.

Abyssal Trap will reduce the enemy’s Movement Speed by as much as 70% with an additional 350 damage. Abyssal Arrow has a stunning effect that lasts around 0.5 to 3 seconds. From that fact alone, you can already tell how deadly those skills are.

Selena is a Perfect Support Hero

Selena Mobile Legends

Selena Mobile Legends is also very reliable as a Support hero. Support heroes in Mobile Legends have quite an easier task. They will also easily get the MVP title without having to do any farming. However, why is Selena a perfect Support hero?

Well, the answer to why Selena is a perfect Support hero is quite simple. Selena has a very deadly stun skill. Her skill, Abyssal Trap, can help her open the map. She also has quite an impressive damage during the early game.

Another impressive thing about Selena is the fact that she does not depend on Buffs. Because of this, she is the perfect hero that can play a role as a core hero, Mage hero, and Support hero. And those are the many ways how to use Selena in Mobile Legends.

Selena’s Weaknesses

Although Selena is an overall powerful hero, she also has a couple of weaknesses you should know about. Keep in mind that every hero in Mobile Legends has their weaknesses. The same thing applies to Selena, despite how incredible she is.

Selena’s first weakness is her low durability. Selena is not a Tank hero, which is why she has low Health Points, Physical Defense, and Magical Defense. These stats also will not increase every minute, which further convinces us that she is not a Tank hero.

These poor stats will become a burden if you do not use the proper Selena Mobile Legends build. That is why your best move is to use a defense item for Selena when she is on the battlefield. That way, Selena will be able to fight for a longer period.

If you are using Selena, you will not be able to play carelessly. Why? Well, simply because of the same reason, which is the fact that she has low durability. You also will not be able to kill a Lord alone with Selena. Enemies can easily kill her once they have locked on her.

Another weakness that Selena has is she is quite difficult to master. A lot of Mobile Legends players find it difficult to master all of her skills. Selena can easily become a burden to her team if the player does not utilize her properly.

Selena also has quite a complicated combo skill. Because she has a total of seven skills, you will find it difficult to master her combo skill. You need to use six of her skills when you are trying to defeat an enemy.

In conclusion, Selena can be a very powerful hero in the right hands. That is all you need to know about Selena Mobile Legends.

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