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The Best Build for Sun Mobile Legends That Will Overpower This Fighter Hero

If you are planning on playing Sun Mobile Legends, you need to know the best build for this Fighter hero. Sun is certainly one of the best Fighter heroes you can use on Mobile Legends. This hero is a fan favorite because he has a very high damager-per-second.

Sun’s damage is not the only reason why people love this Mobile Legends hero so much. His brilliant skills also become a very great asset that can bring him to victory in each game. This hero also has incredible durability which makes him a very powerful fighter.

However, even the best heroes will be useless without the right build. That is why you need to know the best Sun build MLBB that will enhance this hero without a doubt. Luckily for you, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the most powerful build for Sun.

Sun’s Best Item Build

Sun Mobile Legends

In this section, we are going to list a couple of the best choices for Sun’s item build. These items will improve Sun’s abilities. They might even give him extra abilities that will lead to victory every time. Here are some great items you can use for Sun.

1. Behemoth’s Hunter Magic Shoes

The first item on this list is Behemoth’s Hunter Magic Shoes. You can use Bloody Retribution as his first item. This item is incredible because it will help him earn extra Health Points. That way, Sun will become even more durable than he already is. You should also use Magic Shoes for Sun’s shoes. Because Sun relies on his skills, Magic Shoes will help you gain Cooldown Reduction. That way, he can easily spam his skills, even during the early game.

2. Corrosion Scythe

The next item you should equip on Sun as a part of the best build Sun Mobile Legends is the Corrosion Scythe. Corrosion Scythe will help Sun when it comes to increasing a lot of his stats. These stats include his Physical Attack, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed. However, the best part about this item is its passive effect. The passive effect allows Sun to slow his target down by 30% with the help of his Basic Attacks. That is why you need to prioritize this item for Sun.

3. War Axe

Another item that would be perfect for Sun Mobile Legends is War Axe. This item is perfect because it will give Sun an additional 550 maximum Health Points. On top of that, Sun will also gain a 10% Cooldown Reduction, 45 Physical Attacks, and incredible passive skills. This passive skill allows Sun to get to his battle stance when he inflicts damage on an enemy unit. Aside from everything we have mentioned, War Axe will also increase Sun’s Physical Penetration by 3 points and Physical Attack by 9 points. Lastly, this item will give him an extra 20% Movement Speed once you have reached full stacks.

4. Demon Hunter Sword

The next item you should use for Yi Sun Mobile Legends is the Demon Hunter Sword. This item is incredible because it will help Sun defeat heroes with high durability. It will also improve Sun’s overall damage output.

5. Dominance Ice

Although Sun is already very durable in the first place, you can make him even more durable with Dominance Ice. This item will increase his Physical Armor, Cooldown Reduction, Max Mana, and Critical Chance Reduction.

6. Athena’s Shield

The last item on this list is Athena’s Shield. Athena’s Shield will increase Sun’s Magic Resist. That way, Sun will be able to withstand Magic attacks better, which can be very beneficial for you during the game.

Sun’s Best Emblem

Sun Mobile Legends

Now that you know the best build for Mobile Legends Sun, you need to know the best emblem set you can use for him. That way, you will be able to enhance this Fighter hero even further. Here are some set choices you can use.

Assassin Emblem Set

Sun Mobile Legends

The Assassin Emblem Set might be peculiar for Sun, seeing that he is a Fighter hero. However, this emblem set will increase many of Sun’s attributes that will improve his potential in his team. This set will increase Sun’s Physical Penetration, Cooldown Reduction, Physical Attack, Movement Speed, and Critical Chance.

Sun’s Battle Spell

Sun Mobile Legends

Before learning how to use Sun in Mobile Legends, you need to know his Battle Spell. The perfect Battle Spell for Sun includes Retribution and Execute. Each Battle Spell has its perks that you will be able to enjoy.

Retribution will help you get Jungle items. You can also use this Battle Spell to speed up Sun’s farming process. You can also secure many objectives using this Battle Spell, including Lord or Turtle.

Execute, on the other hand, is the perfect Battle Spell to use if you are not playing Sun Jungle. You can use this Battle Spell to help Sun defeat his targets easily. Keep in mind that this Battle Spell is perfect if you want to finish off targets with low health.

To sum it all up, Sun is a very reliable Fighter hero. However, he can be even more reliable with the help of the perfect build. That is all you need to know about Sun Mobile Legends.

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