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Lesley Mobile Legends: Build, Review, and Gameplay Strategy

Raised as the protector of the Vance Family by her father, Lesley has grown up to be an excellent marksman and assassin. With her trusty heirloom rifle, Lesley swore to avenge the death of her father and protect his adoptive little brother, Harley. She is one of the most favorable marksmen and assassins by players. Her presence is feared by the opponent due to Leslie Mobile Legends’ long-range attack and fast movement speed.

Released in January 2018, Lesley is one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Despite being old, Lesley has found her way into the heart of Mobile Legends Player. For those reasons, you might be tempted to use Lesley during a team match. So, here are the guides on Mobile Legends Lesley build, review, and gameplay strategy.

MLBB Lesley review

Lesley Mobile Legends

Lesley’s traits and skills make her one of the best Marksmen and Assassins in the MLBB arena. However, like most heroes in the game, there are two aspects of Lesley that you have to consider, her weakness and strength. So, here’s our brief review on MLBB Lesley.

MLBB Lesley strength

Lesley Mobile Legends

  • Like most Assassins in the game, Lesley possesses a fast movement speed. Her first skill makes her one of the highly-mobilized heroes in the game. On top of that, she is also able to become immune to the enemy’s attack and lock using her ability.
  • Lesley’s first skill, Master of Camouflage, makes her burst attack powerful. She is known for her ability to one-shot an enemy hero. This ability also makes her one of the most flexible and easy-to-use heroes in the game.
  • Being a marksman, Lesley’s attack range is also considerably far. This long attack range can be initiated using her first and ultimate skill, the Ultimate Snipe. This also makes her an excellent hero to finish off dying enemies.

MLBB Lesley weakness

  • Despite the long attack range, Lesley can only attack a single target at once. Unlike other assassins like Bordy and Miya, Lesley has no crowd control skills. For this reason, she is not a suitable hero for ganking during a team fight.
  • Low attack speed is another weakness possessed by Lesley. Despite the high-damage attack, infesting on her attack speed item is fruitless. For this reason, she is also very vulnerable to an enemy ambush.

Lesley Mobile Legends build

Lesley Mobile Legends

Equipping your hero with the right items and spells is the key to dominating the Mobile Legends’ arena. For this reason, we have compiled several items that can increase Lesley’s ability during jungle farming and war. So, here is the best Mobile Legends Lesley build according to us.

Lesley build: Items

  • Swift Boots: Using this item, Lesley will receive +10% attack speed and +40 movement. Consider getting Swift Boots as your first item to ease your task when hunting enemy minions, jungle monsters, and enemy heroes.
  • Raptor Machete: This item will add +30% damage against monsters, +30 physical attacks, and +15% physical penetration. On top of that, Raptor Machete’s passive traits are able to add stackable +4 physical attacks every time you kill a monster.
  • Windtalker: Using this item, Lesley will get +40% attack speed, +20% movement speed, and +10% critical chance. Combining Windtalker with the previous two items allows you to farm during the early game.
  • Berserker’s Fury: Lesley’s attack depends on critical damage. So, consider equipping Berserker’s Fury to Lesley. With this item, she will receive +20% critical chance and +40% critical damage.
  • Endless Battle: Lesley will receive +85% of physical attack using Endless Battle’s passive ability. Combining this item with her first skill and passive traits allows you to deal massive damage to the enemy’s heroes.
  • Blade of Despair: As the cherry on top, add Blade of Despair into Lesley’s item build. Using this item, she will receive +170 physical attacks.

Lesley build: Emblems

  • Custom Marksman: Ths emblem will solidify Lesley’s role as a Marksman, focusing only on her damage and attack speed. In general, this emblem will increase Lesley’s overall physical attack, attack speed, physical penetration, life steal, and critical chance.
  • Weakness Finder: Using this emblem, Lesley will receive the ability to reduce the enemy’s speed by 90%. On top of that, it also adds +50% attack speed and +20% attack damage.

Lesley build: Spells

  • Flicker: Flicker grants you the ability to flick your hero a few steps ahead. For Lesley, this is useful to avoid enemy ambushes, chase down enemies, and adjust her position during an attack.
  • Retribution: With this spell, you will add 600-1440 damage from the 30% of inflicted damage to jungle monsters.

How to use Lesley in Mobile Legends

During the early stage of a game, you can harass and taunt your enemy using Lesley’s stealth and burst damage. When they’re provoked, you can use Lesley’s passive ability to increase her attack damage and injure your enemy from long range. Use this ability to wear down the enemy during the early laning phase.

When a team fight is initiated, bring Lesley away from the crowds. Using her long-range attack, you can inflict heavy damage to the enemy front line and finish off low HP targets in the backline. This section also concludes the guides on Lesley Mobile Legends.

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