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Everything You Need to Know About Alpha Mobile Legends

Alpha Mobile Legends is one of the most brilliant heroes that you can find in this game. It is not surprising since this powerful cyborg becomes very dependable after getting revamped. If you want to learn more about Alpha, you have come to the right page.

Alpha is very popular because of several things. Many Mobile Legends players even use this hero to win their games. Moreover, this cyborg hero becomes a fan-favorite because he comes in a range of very cool skins.

To help you use this hero properly in Mobile Legends, you need to learn everything there is to know about him. You might want to learn more about his backstory, skills, and best Alpha build. Luckily for you, that is everything we will talk about in this article.

Alpha’s Backstory

Alpha Mobile Legends

The first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with Alpha’s history. And you will not have any problem doing that since his backstory is quite interesting. The story of this hero starts when a mad scientist created a creature that we now recognize as Alpha.

The mad scientist created Alpha because he was inspired by a movie. He then created Alpha from human body parts and meteorites. However, the scientist also created another creature called Beta alongside Alpha.

Alpha and Beta became known as the Flash Weapon. Why? Well, simply because the mad scientist wanted to turn both of them into war machines. But as it turns out, both Alpha and Beta have feelings and good hearts, which is why they did not turn into killing machines.

Alpha Mobile Legends

After having a realization, Alpha and Beta decided to escape from the mad scientist. With the help of Saber, they succeed to escape from the lab where they were made. Unfortunately, Beta was badly hurt, which led to his destruction.

Alpha was left with Beta’s left mechanical hand. He then asked a machine specialist named Rooney to fix what was left of Beta. Rooney managed to turn Beta into a small airplane that always accompanies Alpha wherever he goes.

Alpha’s Set of Skills

Alpha Mobile Legends

To win your games using Alpha MLBB, you need to know the basics of this hero. And one of the most basic things you need to know about him is his skills. Here are some skills that you will be able to use if you play using Alpha.

  • Beta, Advance!. This is Alpha’s passive skill. With this skill, he will ask Beta to attack his enemies. You can target the enemy that you want Beta to destroy.
  • Rotary Impact. This skill is very useful when you are trying to attack your enemy. Why? Well, simply because it will make Alpha slash forward. This skill will inflict 200 Physical Attacks on your enemy.
  • Force Swing. The next skill of Alpha Mobile Legends is Force Swing, which will make Alpha spin like a fan. This movement will inflict around 250 Physical Attack damage. Every hit that you get to inflict will restore 100 of your Health Points.
  • Alpha, Charge!. Alpha’s best skill allows him to do area damage on a targeted area. Aside from inflicting 100 Physical Damage, this skill allows Alpha to inflict an additional 50 Physical Damage to a targeted lane.

Best Alpha ML Build

Alpha Mobile Legends

Now that you know the basics of Alpha’s skills, you need to know his best build. Without the best build, a hero will be close to useless in your games. However, with the right build, even the most average heroes can become quite powerful.

If you want Alpha to become very powerful, you can use this Alpha build that we have prepared for you. Here are some items that are very suitable for Alpha.

  • Tough Boots. Tough Boots will give Alpha an additional 40 movement speed and 22 Magical Defense. It will also give him crowd control reduction by 30%
  • Bloodlust Axe. This ax should be Alpha’s go-to weapon. It has reliable damage, giving Alpha an extra 70 Physical Attacks with a 10% cooldown. On top of that, this weapon provides 20% life steal
  • Blade of Despair. This item will increase Alpha’s damage even further. With this item, Alpha will be able to inflict an extra 170 Physical Attacks and a 5% movement speed
  • Endless Battle. A great alternative to Blade of Despair is Endless Battle. So, you need to choose between these two items for the third item in Alpha’s build. Endless Battle gives Alpha an additional 65 Physical Attacks and 15% life steal
  • Queen’s Wings. This item gives you an extra 900 Health Points, 10% cooldown reduction, and 25 Physical Attacks. On top of that, you will also get a defense feature, reducing the damage you receive by 30% when your Health Points get under 40%
  • Rose Gold Meteor. The last item in Alpha’s best build is Rose Gold Meteor. This item is very useful especially when Alpha reaches a late game. It will give you 60 Physical Attacks, 60 Magical Defense, and 5% life steal

In conclusion, Alpha is a very dependable hero in Mobile Legends. Aside from his interesting backstory, Alpha also has a very reliable set of skills that will help you win any game. Moreover, if you use the best build for Alpha, he will become a very powerful character that you should not mess with. And that is everything you need to know about Alpha Mobile Legends.

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