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All About Eve Free Fire Character Information

Garena Free Fire or usually called Free Fire is a battle royale game that is popular today. The game was released in 2017. Developed by 111 Dots Studio, this game is available on Android or iOS.

Today, there are more than 80 million people play the game. There are many characters in the game, and one of them is Eve Free Fire. Know more about this character in the following paragraphs.

About Eve Free Fire Character

Eve character is one of the first characters built by the game developer. This character is first developed together with Adam character. In Adam and Eve Free Fire history, Eve is the first female character as the reference to Eve as the first female in the world. It is interesting because the developer refers to the story of Adam and Eve as the first male and female created by God.

Because of the first character built, the costume of Eve Free Fire character is quite simple with white tops and short pants. The avatar has tied black-long hair. This character was loved by the players when the game was newly released. As the first female character, many players choose Eve as their avatar to play the battle.

Many people used this character as their avatar in the game until now. Even though there are many other characters built, Eve character becomes the choice of people in playing the battleground in the games. The beautiful appearance and killing with style are the reasons why Eve Free Fire character was popular in its time.

Best-Skill-Eve-Free-Fire-Ch Skill Eve in Free Fire Game

Talking about battleground games, usually, the developer provides the characters with several skills to make them stronger than other characters. About this Eve Free Fire character, the best skill she has is changing her skin color. The player can change the skin color of this character to be white, yellow, brown, or darker skin color.

This skill is quite interesting for those who like a beautiful avatar over the skill of battle in the arena. It is the preference of every player to choose the character they want to play. Also, how the look of the character in the game. Because it is the only skill that Eve Free Fire has, many players do not get any extra skill from it in the arena of battle.

Developer Change Eve’s Name

The name of Eve character itself is interesting and ear-catching. However, in 2020, the developer of the game changed the name of Eve. The new name of Eve is Nulla. The change of the name itself is together with Adam character. From the developer, there is no official information about the reason why do they change Adam Eve Free Fire characters’ names.

However, certain people think that the change of those characters’ names relates to the sensitive issue of religion. We know that Adam and Eve are written in the history of several religions. There is speculation that their names changed to avoid any sensitive issues that can lead to problems in the future.

Nulla as New Character Name of Eve

Talking about Nulla as the new name of Eve Free Fire, there is not much information about her. No one knows exactly how Nulla arrived in Bermuda. What people know is that this character has been there for too long.

Meanwhile, her skills are the same as Eve’s character. There is no special skill from her. The best skill she has is only changing her skin color. This skill can be great for her to camouflage in the battle area. It makes Nulla like a chameleon that survives in the jungle.


Categorized as the Weakest Characters in the Game

As mentioned above, the skill of Eve Free Fire is she can change her skin color only. That is why many players categorized her as one of the weakest characters in the game. How she survives in the game depends on how great the player is. For new players who choose this original character, there is a high possibility to lose in the game.

The popularity of Eve Character Today

The popularity of Eve Free Fire characters today is not like in the days when the game was newly released. Even after its new name, this character is not chosen by many players as their avatar. Some players even don’t know that there is the change name of Eve to Nulla.

Although the popularity of this character is not as good as before, the important thing about Eve is she is one of the original characters of the Free Fire game. As the original character, the developer has not improved the skills in the battle area because they focus on creating the appearance of the character first.

Today, with the development of the game itself, there are many new characters added to the game. Indeed, it makes the game more attractive. For the players who do not want to use the Eve Free Fire character, they can choose other characters with better skills for the battleground games. With the skilled character, playing Free Fire will be more fun.

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