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Best PUBG Mobile Gyroscope Setting, You Must Try!

Are you ready to take your PUBG Mobile skills to the next level and become an absolute killing machine? Say goodbye to clumsy thumb swipes and awkward finger taps – it’s time to embrace the power of the PUBG gyroscope suits!

What is PUBG Mobile in Gyroscope

PUBG Mobile offers a game-changing feature that can skyrocket your gameplay – the Gyroscope! This nifty sensor allows you to perform in-game moves effortlessly by tilting your device. No more fumbling with your fingers as you become one with the game.

To unlock the full potential of the gyroscope, we’ve got the ultimate sensitivity settings for you. Mastering these settings may be challenging at first, but trust us, it’s worth it. Say hello to better-aiming skills and recoil control!

Perfect Camera Settings


Before we dive into the world of gyroscope magic, let’s remember the camera settings. Adjusting these settings can make a difference in how you perceive your surroundings. Experiment with the following tweaks:

  • 3rd Person(TPP) No Scope: 190%
  • 1st Person(FPP) No Scope: 130%
  • Red Dot, Holographic: 50%
  • 2x Scopes: 80%
  • 3x Scopes: 100%
  • 4x Scopes: 20%
  • 6x Scopes: 10%
  • 8x Scopes: 5%

Unlock Your Gyroscope Potential

Are you ready for some severe gyro action? The key to becoming a gyro pro lies in finding the perfect sensitivity settings to nail your shots precisely. Here’s the secret recipe:

  • 3rd Person(TPP) No Scope: 300%
  • 1st Person(FPP) No Scope: 300%
  • Red Dot, Holographic: 300%
  • 2x Scopes: 300%
  • 3x Scopes: 240%
  • 4x Scopes: 210%
  • 6x Scopes: 100%
  • 8x Scopes: 50%

Remember, these settings are not set in stone. Tweak them to suit your personal preferences and play style. Aim for that sweet spot where you feel in control, whether scoping your enemies from afar or going all guns blazing in close combat.

Tips and Tricks in Gyroscope


Gyroscope usage can be a game-changer, but it requires a bit of finesse to get it right. Here are some pro tips to help you unleash the true power of the gyroscope:

  1. Find Your Balance: Keep your body upright while playing, and steady your wrists and hands to maintain accuracy.
  2. Embrace Smooth Movements: Make subtle circular motions when looking around while running, avoiding sudden shakes that can throw off your aim.
  3. The Perfect Shake: When switching targets, give your wrist a firm shake to ensure precise shots and impeccable timing.
  4. Train Like a Pro: Practice, practice, practice! Head to the training feature and team deathmatch to hone your gyroscope skills before diving into competitive battles.

Maximize Your Gyroscope Potential with UniPin

Now that you know how to dominate PUBG Mobile using the gyroscope, why not take your gaming experience to the next level? Top up PUBG Mobile account hassle-free with UniPin – the ultimate destination for seamless gaming transactions.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the gyroscope, master your skills, and climb the ranks of PUBG Mobile like a true champion. It’s time to unleash your inner pro and conquer the battlegrounds with finesse!

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