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Comparing Hipfire and ADS Accuracy in BGMI

Shooting effectively in BGMI Mobile demands skill, but the critical question is: Which method offers the greatest accuracy—ADS or Hipfire? Navigating the complexities of shooting in the Battle Royale BGMI game, whether on PC or Mobile, involves understanding unique mechanics. This includes an array of weapons and various attachments that can impact accuracy and stability. Additionally, your shooting technique plays a significant role in determining accuracy.

Presently, two primary shooting techniques are prevalent in BGMI: Hipfire and ADS. What do these terms signify, and which one yields superior accuracy? Let’s delve into this subject:

Hipfire: Shoot Without Aiming


As the term suggests, Hipfire entails firing without aiming beforehand. In the case of TPP (Third-Person Perspective), Hipfire involves firing using the crosshair while your character remains visible on the screen without engaging the lock-on icon.

This method is known for its speed and agility, particularly on mobile platforms. However, the question of accuracy remains. To address this, we conducted an experiment using the Groza weapon on the Training Ground. We stood on the shooting range and fired at a target 10 meters away without aiming.

The results are evident: The accuracy rate is notably scattered, with the shots veering to the left, occasionally missing the target. Consequently, Hipfire is not recommended, especially when engaging distant targets.

ADS: Aiming Through Weapon Sights


ADS, or Aim Down Sight, is a firing technique involving aiming through the scope attached to your weapon. If your weapon lacks attachments, the scope is referred to as Iron Sight. For Assault Rifles (ARs), the scope can be customized by attaching Red Dot Sights, Holographic Sights, and Scopes.

This method of firing is somewhat more intricate. You must first tap the lock-on icon before commencing firing, which can be time-consuming, especially if your thumb dexterity is lacking or if you find yourself ambushed by enemies. But is it true that firing with ADS results in significantly greater accuracy? We conducted an experiment using the same approach—employing a Groza, attaching a Red Dot Sight, and standing on the firing range. We then fired with ADS or scoped in on a target at a distance of 10 meters.

The results are visually apparent: The recoil is reasonably stable, primarily moving upwards and displaying minimal lateral spread, with slight tilt. It’s worth noting that we fired without attempting to control the recoil manually, purely holding down the fire button until ammunition depletion.

Hipfire or ADS?

In terms of accuracy, the answer is clear. However, is Hipfire still viable in BGMI Mobile? It remains a valid option but under specific circumstances. For close-range encounters within a building, where the distance is limited to a maximum of 5 meters, Hipfire can serve as a quick and dependable firing method.

However, if you venture outdoors or confront targets located more than 5 meters away, ADS becomes essential for superior accuracy. Sometimes, even within the confines of a building, you might need to switch to ADS to conserve ammunition.

Therefore, it’s essential to invest time in practice and adapt your shooting style to include ADS in BGMI Mobile. This is particularly crucial if you aspire to become a professional player, as ADS can enable you to take down adversaries at short to medium ranges (10-30 meters) using minimal ammunition.

These insights provide a comprehensive understanding of Hipfire and ADS in BGMI, offering guidance to enhance your gameplay. If you’re looking to further enhance your BGMI experience, consider top up BGMI on UniPin, a platform known for its cost-effectiveness and security.

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