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Tips for Playing TDM PUBG Mobile to Win Easily

PUBG Mobile’s Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode enjoys immense popularity, rivaling its iconic battle royale counterpart. If you consider yourself a fierce and aggressive player in PUBG Mobile and wish to enhance your skills to ensure a more prolonged match survival, then TDM mode is the ideal solution. 

Engaging in this mode allows you to hone your combat abilities, particularly for those who frequently adopt a bold and forceful approach when facing opponents. Now, let’s delve into what Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile entails.

What is TDM PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile features an engaging TDM (Team Deathmatch) mode, where intense battles are limited to two teams, each comprising four players, resulting in an eight-person match.

In this thrilling mode, players can respawn after being shot once, allowing them to rejoin the action repeatedly. The objective is to accumulate 40 kill points by skillfully eliminating opponents. Throughout the TDM match, participants can continuously re-enter the fray while striving to score as many elimination points as possible by engaging enemy targets.

How To Play TDM PUBG Mobile

To begin, access the TDM (Team Deathmatch) mode. You’ll notice a prominent “TDM” label on the left of the main screen. Once you’ve logged in, follow these steps:

In TDM, both teams will gather at a closely situated location. If a player from either team gets eliminated, they can respawn and return to the game. Respawn points are typically set in buildings, houses, or warehouses nearby. The proximity of these respawn locations ensures that the two teams can quickly reencounter each other.

The objective for each team is to achieve 40 kills. Every kill made by a team will be tallied as accumulated points. If neither team reaches 40 kills within 10 minutes, the winner will be determined based on the team with the highest points earned during the match. The game will continue until one of the teams successfully reaches the target of 40 kills.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile introduces an exclusive TDM (Team Deathmatch) mode set in the newly released Santorini map, inspired by the renowned real-life Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

Santorini, famous for its picturesque buildings and narrow seaside streets, has become a top tourist destination. The in-game representation of the island mirrors its charm, featuring serene sea views, cobbled streets, and tight corners.

In contrast to the usual 8-player TDM maps like Warehouse and Hangar, Santorini is designed to accommodate 16 players in an 8v8 setup, offering an intensified gaming experience. The larger map size adds to the excitement and dynamics of battles.

The strategic aspect of Santorini becomes evident while playing the beta version, as the map offers a plethora of angles and vantage points. This allows players to fine-tune their tactics, engaging in strategic cover shots and holding various positions to gain an advantage over opponents.

7 Tips on How to Play TDM PUBG Mobile

The TDM (Team Deathmatch) mode offers an excellent opportunity to improve shooting skills and enhance hand agility. Within this mode, players can engage in intense battles and choose between an offensive approach by heading to the enemy’s location or adopting a more defensive strategy and waiting for opponents to come to them.

Upon trying out this mode, I noticed the thrilling pace it brings to the gameplay. While matches are not short-lived, the bars mode truly delivers excitement. Even in a quick demise, players promptly respawn at designated spawn locations, where they can readily retrieve their weapons and ammunition to dive back into the action.

1. Choose the Best Weapon


In PUBG Mobile’s TDM mode, the weapon selection closely resembles that of Arena Training matches in the Arena. The TDM mode provides players with restricted weapons from three categories: Assault Rifles (AR), SMGs, and Bolt-Action sniper rifles. Players are advised to pick two weapons based on their respective roles to optimize their performance.

Combining an AR such as the SCAR-L or M416 with a Bolt-Action sniper rifle is ideal for an effective loadout. This combination caters to both medium and long-range engagements. Additionally, carrying a 7.6mm SMG with an SMG attachment is highly recommended for close-quarters combat.

2. Make use of Obstacles

In TDM PUBG, the map offers numerous hiding spots and strategic angles that players can utilize to their advantage against adversaries. Peeking out from cover and firing can prove advantageous, especially when catching opponents off guard or weakened.

Apart from mastering weapon skills, possessing excellent situational awareness and knowing precisely when to seek cover is equally crucial for players. These elements play a pivotal role in determining success in the game.

3. Jiggle-Jiggle

In a game, when a player occupies a specific spot for an extended period, the opposing team eventually becomes familiar with the tactic after several attempts.

As a result, the opponents may decide to avoid approaching that spot altogether. Hence, it becomes crucial to continuously change positions and locate the optimal locations on the map to surprise enemies and gain points.

As the game features respawn, players need not fret about dying, unlike in traditional games. Instead, they can adopt an aggressive playstyle to push the enemy team into a disadvantageous position.

4. Communication

In discussions surrounding 4v4 combat on these maps, teamwork is a crucial element that significantly influences the outcome. The map layout presents numerous strategic angles for safeguarding teammates engaged in close combat and seizing control points if a player falls in battle.

However, being cautious about overcommitting the entire friendly team to a single direction is essential, as the opposing team can exploit the map’s diverse facets. Rushing in unison often leaves flanks vulnerable, creating higher probabilities of falling victim to backstab maneuvers.

5. Get used to No Scope


When engaging in TDM (Team Deathmatch) mode, mastering the art of shooting without relying on a scope is crucial. This skill proves highly beneficial as it saves valuable time, allowing you to target and eliminate your enemies swiftly.

In PUBG’s TDM mode, speed is of the essence. The ultimate objective is to swiftly neutralize opponents without the need for precise aiming through a scope.

The primary focus in TDM is to outperforming the enemy team by accumulating more kill points. Therefore, shooting accurately without a scope becomes paramount in achieving this goal.

6. Focus!

The TPP (Third Person Perspective) mode is designed with close-range shooters in mind, offering greater visibility flexibility than FPP (First Person Perspective). This mode proves advantageous for players seeking a wider field of view and enhanced situational awareness while engaging in combat.

7. Keep Moving, Don’t Be Passive

Learn an effective strategy to avoid getting fired in one-on-one situations by employing continuous left and proper movement, making yourself a difficult target to hit.

Furthermore, swiftly position yourself where it becomes challenging for your opponent to spot you, such as behind walls or container boxes.

By mastering these techniques, you significantly increase your chances of winning and accumulating many points in one-on-one duels!

These tips pertain to TDM PUBG Mobile and can be valuable references for enhancing your gameplay. If you wish to top up PUBG Mobile account, remember that you can do so exclusively through UniPin!

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