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Here are the Quick Ways to Upgrade Kill Death (KD) PUBG

Kill Death PUBG Mobile is one of the things that players need to pay attention to. By the way, the KD ratio is needed to raise a better PUBG Mobile rank and be a reflection of the player’s skill.

It’s not uncommon for PUBG pro players to have a high Kill Death ratio as an indication that their skills are above average. Of course, it also shows how shooting skills shoot players on the battlefield.

The better the Kill Death ratio of the player, the more unusual the skill he has. No wonder a lot of players are starting to look for ways to raise their PUBG Mobile KD numbers. Besides, the gameplay of this Tencent-made battle-royale changes regularly every season.

So, it’s imperative to learn how to upgrade the PUBG Kill Death Ratio game for players. Don’t worry, because we’re gonna give you a review on the PUBG tips to enhance it. Take a look at the reviews below.

Don’t be too focused on looting

It’s a lot of looting in PUBG that’s necessary. However, don’t let that be the main focus of the players in the war. It’s good to loot enough, then sort the location and find the enemy. Thus, players will be able to increase the KD ratio more easily.

Quickly find and defeat the enemy

If you feel like you’ve got enough looting items, you’re gonna find an enemy in a lot of crowded territories. From the airdrop location to the center of the map of a region. Usually, in the territory, there are a lot of players gathering to find arms and other supplies. You can also go to the bridge area that’s already in the safe zone.


Working with the team

Playing PUBG in squad or duo mode is expected to work very well together in teams. By the way, teams have a very important role to play in helping each other. Good at defending, healing, and helping to find the enemy.

So, it’s very important not to be ahead or behind the team in battle. Because so separated from the team, players will be very troubled in defending alone. Go with at least one person on the team to back up.

tutorial-to-Upgrade-Kill-Death PUBG Mobile

Use the right weapon

Find a weapon that matches the skill and comfort to attack more violently against the enemy. Players also need to understand the various types of weapons that exist in the PUBG Mobile game. From types of assault rifle weapons to SMGs equipped with various types and sharp bullet capabilities.

To be able to get the weapon that feels appropriate to use in battle, players can undergo training mode in the PUBG Mobile game. Try all kinds of weapons in the mode, then the player will be able to choose the best item that feels comfortable.

Well, that’s the review on how to increase the Kill Death Ratio of PUBG Mobile. If you want to improve the performance of the game, then have the best items by doing UC PUBG top-up on UniPin.

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