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PUBG Mobile Guide for Beginner: How to Ace Your First Game

PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile – PUBG Mobile – has been one of the most played games worldwide. The number of new players is hugely increasing, particularly due to the pandemic’s social distancing or lockdown policies. If you belong to this newbie group, you may take a look at the following PUBG Mobile guide tips to sharpen your gameplay skills.

Okay, buckle up, and let’s start this PUBG Mobile beginners guide.

1. Knowing the Area – Keeping an Eye on the Map

Your PUBG Mobile game can last for 1.5 hours or longer. Unluckily, if something goes wrong, you will face the game-over only in a few seconds. So, how to play PUBG Mobile for the first time?

You must understand the area. After choosing a certain map, you have to know the area. The first PUBG Mobile guide trivia: there are six maps (especially started from season 18 forwards): Erangel, Vikendi, Miramir, Livik, Sanhok, and Karakin. Each map offers different terrain, size, weapons, or vehicles.

First, while playing, you need to keep checking your map. Tap the upper right corner icon of the mini-map, it will give directions where you need to go. Try maintaining your position inside the playing area – the white circle – as time passes it keeps getting smaller (shrinking).

Second, pay attention to the blue zone that surrounds the main play area as it similarly and periodically keeps on shrinking. Avoid being caught outside this blue zone, otherwise, your health will drop drastically.

Third, the map will show you the red zones, forewarning you of a nearby shooter. If this red zone catches you, quickly look for a shelter and wait until it passes by.

Moreover, you can see any nearby gunshot from the map as a PUBG guide. It will show you the direction of an approaching opponent by giving footstep imprints or the location for particular sounds like someone’s walking or running, vehicles, or gunfire.

2. On Choosing Where to Land

The next PUBG Mobile guide is to choose your landing spot carefully. The best advice ever is do not land in the water, of course!

For a beginner, especially when you select Classic map mode, it is better to land in a more secluded area. For example, a deserted area with only a few buildings or outskirts of the island. Avoid the most “popular” landing spots since you will face higher chances of getting picked off even immediately upon your very first arrival.

Examples of those popular yet high-risk landing spots are the Military Base, Pochinki, Hospital, or School. All of them are in the Erangel map, popularly chosen since there are more weapons and stuff the players can loot.

Selecting an unpopular landing spot allows you to stock up weapons or ammo more peacefully. It is maybe not the best loot, but you have a higher survival rate to continue to the next location.

3. Looting and Shooting Strategy

Looting and Shooting Strategy PUBG

This PUBG Mobile guide is about gearing up yourself before engaging with any opponent. Loot nearby firearms like any gun (or, the famous PUBG frying pan).

In the early stages, collect some crucial loots, such as weapons, ammo, armors, and a backpack. You can find them scattered around in any building and also from supply crate drops. Most players seek after the latter since it contains insanely powerful weapons (e.g. AWM sniper rifle).

Don’t forget about health items – painkillers, bandages, and the like are priorities, while first-aid kits are more preferable.

Another important PUBG guide trick is only open fire when you are in range or if you know that your weapon has a chance to hit your opponent. As a rookie, you need to learn the tricky timing for hiding and attacking.

Also, it is better to have two weapons with different purposes and always keep your complementary weapons on hand where possible.

4.Tips in Playing for the First Time

Available for free on iOS and Android devices, PUBG Mobile is a massively popular global survival player vs. player shooter game in a Battle Royale. For many seasoned veterans, how to play PUGB Mobile is all about surviving as a solo, duo, or a small team. For newcomers, check out the following PUGB Mobile guide playing tips.

Your PUBG Mobile Setup

It includes a compatible mobile phone, good network connection, and log in as a guest or using accounts (Facebook, Twitter, or PUBG Mobile sign-in). Also, using headphones is the best.

PUBG Mobile Mode

You can choose between Classic Mode, Arcade Mode, EvoGround, or Arena. For each mode, you will get several options, among others:

  • to select your region’s server,
  • to choose different maps,
  • to play Solo, Duo, or Squad, or
  • to pick a “hot drop” or “slow and steady” landing.

So, you already learned some of the PUBG Mobile guide 101 for a beginner. Now, it is time to practice the above basic tips and tricks to level up as seasoned players. If you need to top up your PUBG Mobile’s Unknown Cash but hating the fact that you need a credit card or to register and log in, kindly go to UniPin. It will help you without any hassle.

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