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Everything That You Need to Know About Steam Wallet Card

Steam is the biggest virtual game store for PCs. If you’re an avid PC gamer, you’re no stranger to a Steam Wallet card. The Steam Wallet card is not a strange thing for its long-time users. However, newer Steam users might still be confused about this Steam feature. So, in this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Steam Wallet and what is Steam Wallet card.

What is Steam Wallet?

Steam Wallet is a virtual currency that can be used to buy various items and games in the Steam Store. Steam Wallet is an alternative to other payment methods such as credit cards and virtual payment providers such as PayPal.

One of the advantages of Steam Wallet compared to other payment methods is the elimination of middle-man service. As a result, payment can be done much faster. Another advantage of Steam Wallet is its ability to be used as a voucher or a secondary payment method.

To illustrate this advantage, let’s say you want to buy a $70 game from Steam. Buying your PayPal account only has $50 in it. If your Steam Wallet account has $20 at minimum, you can still buy that game by combining the fund from both accounts.

There are three ways to add funds to your Steam Wallet. You can get them by either buying them, selling digital items on the Steam community market or using a Steam Wallet card.

What is Steam Wallet Card?

how to use Steam Card

The Steam Wallet card is a physical gift card that you can buy in various stores. As mentioned before, it is one of the available ways of adding funds to your Steam Wallet account. Steam Wallet cards usually become increasingly popular at the end of the year. This is because people tend to buy them as a Christmas gift.

One of the advantages of the Steam Wallet card is its availability. In addition to that, the Steam Wallet card is also more flexible when you want to make a small purchase on Steam.

How to Use Steam Wallet Card

On the Steam website, it is stated that Steam Wallet cards work like gift certificates. To transfer the value of the card into your account, you just have to redeem the card. The redeem code can be found on the back of the card, hidden with a scratch-off layer.

So, how to use Steam Wallet card? There are three methods on how to redeem a Steam Wallet card. The first method is by using the Steam website. To redeem your card on the Steam website, you just have to follow these instructions:

  1. Open your web browser from your computer or mobile device.
  2. Visit
  3. Sign in to your Steam account if you aren’t already.
  4. Next, you can enter the code into the Steam Wallet Code field. Make sure that you enter the code correctly.
  5. Enter your local address to the Steam’s Mailing Address form. It is necessary to convert the value to your currency.
  6. Review and confirm the amount that will be added to your Steam Wallet account.

The second method is by using the Steam desktop app. Follow these instructions to redeem your Steam Wallet card with the desktop app.

  1. Open the Steam desktop application from your computer.
  2. Sign in if you’re logged out of your account.
  3. Click your account name located in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  4. Select Account Details and click on the ‘+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet’ text.
  5. Select ‘Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code’
  6. Then, you can type the code of your Steam Wallet card.

Lastly, if you want to redeem your Steam Wallet card through Steam’s mobile app, here’s the instruction:

  1. Open the Steam mobile app on your desired mobile device.
  2. Tap on the Menu button, indicated by three horizontal stripes.
  3. Select the ‘Store’ option. Then select ‘Account Details’ in the submenu.
  4. Select ‘+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet, then tap on ‘Redeem a Steam Gift card or Wallet Code’
  5. Enter the code of your Steam Wallet card and select ‘Continue’
  6. Enter your local address if asked.
  7. Review and confirm your Steam Wallet funds.

But, how to use a Steam Wallet card to buy games in the Steam Store? To buy an item or a game in the Steam Store, you just have to select ‘Steam Wallet’ as your payment method during checkout. If the amount of your recently redeemed Steam Wallet card is sufficient, you should be able to buy the item right away. If your account balance is insufficient, you have to select other payment methods to pay for the rest.

How to Buy Steam Wallet Cards

how to buy Steam Card

Other than a physical gift card, Steam also offers a digital gift card that can be purchased digitally. The only difference between digital and physical gift cards is the amount of money that the card has. Usually, physical Steam Wallet cards are sold in amounts of $20, $30, $50, and $100. Whereas, digital Steam cards are sold in amounts of $5, $25, $50, and $100.

The physical Steam Wallet card is available in various retail stores across the globe. In the US and Canada, you can pretty much find them in every 7-Eleven, Best Buy, or Circle K. You might need to see the complete listed retail store on the Steam website. Also, you can buy Steam Wallet Card using

Digital Steam Wallet cards can only be sent to other steam users. To buy a Steam Wallet card digitally, you can visit the Steam Store and select which amount of gift cards you want to give. The recipient of the card needs to be on your Steam’s friends list. You can pay the gift card using any major credit card or PayPal. After you agree to the Steam subscriber agreement, you’ll receive a notification email to confirm your transaction.

In the end, we hope that our article will help you understand the Steam Wallet card. In summary, it is one of the different methods to add funds to your Steam Wallet balance. Other than getting Steam cards for yourself, you can also give them away as gifts. Steam Wallet cards are the perfect gift for your PC gaming friends, especially during Christmas.

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