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Getting Started with Road to Valor: Empires – A Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Road to Valor: Empires, crafted by Dreamotion Inc., is a strategic game where players engage in worldwide battles, commanding their chosen units to secure glory on the battlefield against other players. This guide will walk you through the game’s fundamentals, offering additional tips and tricks to aid beginners through Road to Valor: Empires.

Gameplay Road to Valor: Empires


The essence of Road to Valor: Empires for beginner lies in its legendary characters like Athena, Odin, Medusa, Achilles, and Valkyrie, who are divided among three main factions: Persian, Roman, and Norman. The game demands a meticulous strategy utilizing these diverse units, where victory hinges significantly on the precision of your approach.

For those acquainted with Clash Royale, transitioning into this game is relatively smooth due to similar gameplay mechanics. However, a distinguishing factor lies in the soldiers’ deployment—most units emerge from behind the arena, except for a select few that can enter from the arena’s sides.

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Preparation is crucial before heading into battle, and it starts by selecting units from the Garrison. You can bring along 8 deployable units along with 2 guardian units of your choice. Within this Garrison, a diverse array of units awaits, spanning all factions for your strategic consideration.

Every unit possesses its own MP requirement for deployment. Higher MP units demand more time to accumulate, so choosing high-cost units may slow down your deployment strategy.


Engaging in battle involves confronting two side towers and the primary tower. You aim to demolish the enemy towers and claim all three leads to automatic victory. The primary tower remains dormant until one side of the tower falls or is directly targeted using a rain of arrows.

At the outset, you receive initial MP resources. When deploying units at the battle’s onset, their order is somewhat randomized, offering a variable experience each time. Guardian-associated units operate with cooldown periods and use yellow MP for activation.

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Beginner’s Guidance for Road to Valor: Empires: Hints and Strategies


The alliance in this game is a conglomerate of players worldwide, capped at 50 members. It’s a platform for chatting, strategizing, and aiding each other by requesting or donating keys.

Understanding Guardians

Players select one of three guardians at the game’s start: Caesar, Cyrus, or Beowulf. These guardians excel in large-scale attacks with their remarkable abilities. Each also offers a passive that boosts unit stats, making this choice pivotal.

Strategic Unit Deployment

Units are central in Road to Valor: Empires. You field eight units strategically—try maintaining a balanced roster with defense, attack, and counter units. Consider a mix: ranged units for support, followed by melee units and perhaps shields or cavalry.

MP Management

Carefully gauge your MP before deploying units. Avoid deploying high MP units simultaneously, as they limit frequent deployment, especially when facing adversity. Conversely, don’t rely solely on low MP units, often weaker; instead, balance them with support roles, reserving high MP units for attacks.

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Precise Deployment Placement

Deploying units is trickier than similar games. They enter from behind the arena and need help to reach specific points directly. Plan your strategy meticulously and gain experience by playing more. Familiarity will enable you to counter enemy strategies effectively using your eight units.

Upgrading Units

Enhance unit strength through upgrades. Upgrading boosts stats and unit count as your rank progresses, significantly elevating your tactical advantage.

Road to Valor beginner mirrors games like Clash Royale in strategy. Adaptation is critical; learn to manage MP, deploy units efficiently, and formulate effective strategies. Guardians introduce diverse strategies, making experimentation crucial. Dive in and explore—use this Beginner’s Guide as your ally in times of difficulty.

Those are some things about how to play Road to Valor that you can find out more about. If you want to maximize it further, you can Top Up Road to Valor Empires on UniPin right now!

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