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Road to Valor Empires Guide : How to Win PvP for Beginner

Krafton, a prominent South Korean game developer, has just released Road to Valor: Empires, its latest player versus player (PvP) strategy game. 

In this mobile game, players are tasked with embarking on quests, constructing armies, and engaging adversaries on the battlefield, wielding mythical troops and legendary guardians under their command.

Despite its appearance as a complex and potentially intimidating game, Road to Valor: Empires boasts incredible intrigue and user-friendly mechanics. To aid players in mastering the game and securing victories in battles, here are some essential tips and strategies to grasp.

Structures in Road to Valor: Empires


Once your garrison is ready with a Guardian and an eight-unit army, you’re prepared to battle against your opponent. Your deck will boast a variety of unique elements, such as mythical creatures, buildings, siege units, attacks, and more.

When the battle commences, your Guardian will be positioned at the lower left-hand side of the battlefield, accompanied by their spells on the side panel. You’ll find a selection of cards available for summoning on the right. It’s important to note that these spells come with cooldowns and consume mana points (MPs).

Atop the battle unit cards, you’ll notice the upcoming card in your deck, along with the round’s timer. Each round spans three minutes, emphasizing the significance of managing time and leveraging your structures effectively to secure victories in Road to Valor: Empires.

The structures visible at the battlefield’s center on your screen consist of the Left Guard Tower, Right Guard Tower, and your Base or Headquarters (HQ). 

Meanwhile, structures at the bottom of the screen, displayed in blue, belong to your team, while those above in red denote the enemy’s buildings. 

All three structures possess distinct hit points. As your troops charge into battle, they eliminate enemy troops and progress to inflict damage on the towers and HQ to dismantle them. 

Each battle lasts three minutes, and if you succeed in demolishing the enemy HQ within this time frame, you claim an instant victory.

Here’s the intriguing part: 2-minute overtime is granted to players when both sides have eliminated an equal number of guard towers by the end of the standard duration. 

During this extended period, the team that manages to destroy one additional structure emerges as the winner. However, if neither side can eliminate an extra building, the match concludes in a draw.

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How do you win games in Road to Valor: Empires?


New to Road to Valor: Empires? No worries! With the right tactics, victory can be yours in no time. Here’s a beginner’s guide to ensure you’re on the right track:

1. Optimal Guardian Selection

Among the twelve Guardians available in Road to Valor: Empires, beginners can start with a choice from these three:

  • Caesar (Roman)
  • Cyrus (Persian)
  • Beowulf (Norman)

Each Guardian boasts unique active and passive skills. Players should note the option for multiple decks. 

You’ll find five deck options alongside your gold and gems in the Battle tab. Use different Guardians for separate decks and devise distinctive setups employing your Battle Units.

2. Understanding Your Troops

Players can select eight units, including cavalry, spearmen, and infantry, to compose their army. Each unit has distinct battle styles: ranged, melee, or defensive with shields. 

Before assembling your deck, crucial statistics such as Attack Damage, Hit Points (HP), Attack type, and Movement speed are available for review. Understanding these stats is essential before finalizing your selection.

3. Strategic Deployment

Striking a balance between defense and offense is pivotal. Consider the dynamics: cavalry overpowers most infantry except spearmen, shield units excel against ranged attacks, and ranged attacks prove potent against low-defense melee units. Mastering these dynamics helps forge a formidable army.

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4. Upgrading Essentials

Adaptation is critical in Road to Valor: Empires. As you ascend ranks, the game intensifies, necessitating regular upgrades to your units and Guardians. After victories, earn gold coins to spend judiciously on unit upgrades and unlocking new ones. 

Frequent visits to the in-game shop offer chances to win free chests and daily rewards. Additionally, equip or dismantle battle equipment via the Armory to enhance your units’ base stats.

5. Strategize for Success

Becoming a top player requires strategic prowess. Building a potent army requires robust defense, offense, and tactical mastery. Experiment with diverse faction combinations, Guardians, and battle units. Through trial and error, discover your winning formula and leverage the versatility of customizable decks. Learn from defeats by analyzing enemy decks; try replicating successful enemy strategies to refine your own.

Those are some things about how to win pvp for beginners. Hopefully this article can help you in playing Road to Valor Empires.

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