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How to Buy EA FC Points in India?

EA FC Points – The imminent arrival of EA Sports FC, positioned as a new FIFA alternative, has stirred some uncertainty within the devoted fan base of football simulation games due to the termination of the partnership between FIFA and EA. Here’s an inclusive guide detailing all the essential information about the upcoming title.

EA Sports, renowned for its FIFA franchise, has long dominated football simulation games within the sports gaming genre. Despite competition from rivals like Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and eFootball, FIFA has maintained its unrivaled status.

However, the impending launch of EA Sports FC marks the initial release following the separation of EA and FIFA. This development needs to be clarified regarding the direction of the franchise’s future.

Here, we’ve compiled comprehensive details about this fresh FIFA alternative, along with insights into the speculated arrival of FIFA 24 shortly.

What is EA Sports FC?


EA Sports FC stands as EA Sports’ forthcoming official football game, serving as an alternative to the FIFA series in the future. FIFA 23 marked the concluding installment carrying the FIFA moniker, as the company opted to part ways with the name for their upcoming releases.

This shift transpired in 2022 when EA Sports chose not to extend its licensing agreement with FIFA, the Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Despite the rebranding, EA Sports FC will encompass all the familiar elements of traditional FIFA games. This includes Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and various modes cherished by fans throughout the years.

Notably, the game retains a significant advantage by securing licenses. Despite relinquishing the official FIFA license, EA Sports FC will continue to possess authorized licenses for teams, kits, and leagues, promising an authentic gaming experience for enthusiasts.

About EA Sports FC Mobile FC Points – India


FC Points redeem codes are digital vouchers that grant access to FC Points, the in-game currency in EA FC Mobile. These points serve as a currency for acquiring diverse in-game items, spanning player packs, coins, and various consumables.

These EAFC Mobile FC Points redeemed codes are obtainable through several online retailers, including UniPin’s online platform. Following purchase, these codes can be activated within the EA FC Mobile game client or via the EA website.

Game Overview:

  1. Accessible on both Android and iOS platforms
  2. Rated suitable for ages 4 and above
  3. Engage in renowned global tournaments featuring both qualified and non-qualified national teams.
  4. Develop Football heroes by training your favorite players, enhancing their statistics, and advancing them to higher levels.
  5. Experience fast-paced gameplay with exhilarating goals scored by the world’s top players using inventive modes.
  6. Create momentum through precise passing techniques, dominating possession, unveiling new passing strategies, and crafting attacking opportunities.

How do you buy EA FC Points in India?


Top Up EA FC Points via UniPin is a straightforward procedure. Here’s a detailed guide to aid you in acquiring EA FC Points through UniPin:

  1. Access UniPin’s Website: Visit the UniPin website and log in to your account. If you still need to register, create an account by signing up.
  2. Choose EA FC Points: Navigate to the “EA Sports FC” or “EA Games” section on UniPin’s platform. Locate the option to procure EA FC Points.
  3. Select EA FC Points Package: Pick the desired quantity of EA FC Points you intend to buy. UniPin typically presents a range of point denominations, allowing you to select the package that best fits your requirements.
  4. Input Account Details: Enter your EA Sports account information where you want the EA FC Points deposited. Ensure the accuracy of the details to prevent any transactional complications.
  5. Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred payment mode from UniPin’s options. These often encompass credit/debit cards, e-wallets, online banking, or other locally available payment methods.
  6. Complete the Transaction: Follow UniPin’s instructions to finalize the chosen EA FC Points package payment. Verify the correctness of all entered information before confirming the transaction.
  7. Receipt of EA FC Points: Upon successful payment, UniPin will process your transaction, crediting the EA FC Points to your EA Sports account promptly or within a short period.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Ensure your UniPin account holds sufficient funds or has a linked payment method before commencing the purchase.
  • Double-check the precision of your EA Sports account details to prevent any issues with the points’ allocation.
  • If you encounter payment-related challenges or delays in receiving the points, contact UniPin’s customer support for assistance.
  • Always review the payment procedure on UniPin’s platform, as minor variations might occur due to updates or alterations in their interface or policies.

What are the payment methods for EA FC Points in India?

UniPin offers various payment methods for purchasing EA FC Points in India. These payment methods might include:

  1. Credit/Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.
  2. E-wallets: Digital payment platforms like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.
  3. Net Banking: Direct online bank transfers from central Indian banks.
  4. UPI (Unified Payments Interface): Instant payment system allowing transfers directly from your bank account.
  5. Prepaid Cards/Vouchers: Specific gaming vouchers or prepaid cards are available.

UniPin usually partners with local payment gateways to provide various payment options catering to users’ preferences in India.

However, the available payment methods might change over time, so it’s advisable to check UniPin’s platform’s website or the payment section for the most up-to-date list of accepted payment methods for Top Up EA FC Points in India.

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