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How To Transfer EA FC 24 Points Fron FIFA 23

As FC 24 finally hits the shelves, numerous gamers are eager to learn about preserving their points and the possibility of transferring them. This comprehensive guide covers all the essentials about FIFA Points: their nature, transferability, and the diverse ways you can utilize this in-game currency.

What Is EA Sports FC 24?

EA Sports FC 24 represents an internet-based football simulation developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Players engage in football tournaments, leagues, and various challenges within this gaming platform to secure exclusive rewards. 

Like FIFA 23, EA Sports FC 24 integrates a point system, enabling users to convert their accumulated in-game rewards into FIFA coins. These coins can subsequently be utilized for acquiring a range of in-game items, including kits, players, and assorted bonuses.

What are EA FC Points?


EA FC Points, also known as EA Football Club Points, represent an in-game currency extensively used in a range of EA Sports games, notably in the FIFA series. These points have versatile functions encompassing unlocking items, buying packs, or gaining bonuses within the gaming environment.

The primary roles and applications of EA FC Points are:

  • Unlocking Content: These points allow players to access diverse in-game items like kits, celebrations, badges, and more, enabling customization for their teams and player avatars.
  • Purchasing Packs: Some EA Sports games enable players to utilize EA FC Points to procure packs containing player cards. These cards feature athletes for their teams or offer other advantageous elements during gameplay.
  • Boosts and Bonuses: EA FC Points can acquire temporary or permanent boosts, enhancing in-game performance or securing bonuses to enrich the overall gaming experience.

Earning EA FC Points typically involves gameplay activities such as completing objectives, participating in various modes, or accomplishing in-game challenges. The accumulated points are then expendable on the available in-game options to amplify gameplay features or customize the gaming experience.

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Acknowledging that EA FC Points could have specific limitations or availability constraints tied to certain EA Sports titles is crucial. Additionally, these points might not transfer across different games within the EA Sports collection, thereby retaining their utility within specific titles only.

How To Transfer Points From FIFA 23

The process is straightforward if you aim to move your FIFA 23 points over to EA Sports FC 24. First, ensure you have an active EA Sports account connected to your FIFA 23 profile. Once your account is verified and fully linked with FIFA 23, follow these steps

  1. Sign in to your EA Account and choose the FIFA 23 game profile you wish to associate with EA Sports FC 24.
  2. Access the FIFA 23 main menu and click on “Redeem Points.”
  3. Specify the number of points you intend to transfer and confirm the transfer by clicking “Transfer.”
  4. Your points will be successfully moved from your FIFA 23 game profile to your EA Sports FC 24 account.

Should I Shift My FIFA Points to FC 24?

If FIFA 23 holds a particular spot in your gaming heart, transitioning might be challenging. Yet, most suggest transferring your FIFA Points to EA Sports’ latest release when you can.

EA Sports FC 24: How to Shift Points from FIFA 23

But if FC 24 doesn’t immediately captivate you, take some time to explore it further. Get accustomed to its new features and mechanics. 

This helps make a wise choice: whether to fully embrace the latest edition or stick to the nostalgia of the prior one since it’s a one-time transfer. Remember, there’s an option: “No, please leave my FIFA 23 Points balance untouched.”

Understanding FIFA Points

For those unfamiliar, FIFA Points have been the digital currency in Ultimate Team mode for many FIFA games over the past decade. These points are used to acquire packs and various items, boosting one’s favorite players’ squads. Initially launched for FIFA 12 on PC, they later expanded to other platforms in FIFA 13.

The ability to transfer FIFA Points has been a long-standing feature in FIFA titles, so it wasn’t surprising to see this option when moving FC Points from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24.

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Connecting Console Families


“Console Family Connections” is a feature available to EA Sports FC 24 players. It permits transferring FIFA points between games within the same console family. This feature is handy if you’ve amassed points in a prior FIFA installment and wish to use them in the current version.

To transfer points, log into your EA Account, select the game to move from, choose “Redeem Points” in the older game’s main menu, enter the desired points, confirm the transfer, and voila! Your points will now be accessible in your EA Sports FC 24 account.

Transferring points between games can be complex, especially across different platforms or consoles. To transfer points from EA Sports FC 24 to FIFA 23, ensure both games are linked to the same gaming account. Once connected, access the “Transfer Points” option in either game and select the desired amount to transfer.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Modes and Currency

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team mode enables players to build dream teams using “FC 24 Points” earned by playing online or purchased with real money.

These points let players acquire players, packs, and in-game items. Transferring points from FIFA 23 or another EA Sports FC 24 title lets you kickstart team building sooner. Also, consider our FC 24 Starter Squad if you seek the perfect team.

The EA Sports FC 24 introduces the Ultimate Team Club Profile and Tier List, which are applicable across various EA Sports titles like FIFA 23. This system enables point transfers into a UT Club Profile that is usable across multiple titles.

Create an EA Sports Football Club account to store your UT Club Profile across games. Use the “Transfer Points” feature in FIFA 23 and EA Sports FC 24 to transfer points into your UT Club Profile.

Moreover, the UT Tier List offers rewards for each achieved tier, from bonus game points to exclusive in-game items. Transferring points from FIFA 23 to EA Sports FC 24 lets you ascend the UT Tier List faster.

Do EA FC Points Expire?

EA FC Points don’t have an expiration date and remain usable across various EA Sports titles until spent. However, policies on in-game currencies may change, potentially affecting expiration rules. Refer to EA’s latest terms or support pages for the current EA FC Points information.

That’s how you can transfer EA FC 24 Points from FIFA 23, hopefully this article can help you!

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