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GFX Tools Pro and Its Compatibility with BGMI: Is It Allowed?

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is known for its relatively undemanding hardware requirements, ensuring accessibility for various devices. Nevertheless, some lower-end smartphones frequently suffer from frustrating frame rate drops, prompting players to seek GFX tools online for a smoother gaming experience.

It’s common to find content creators advocating using GFX Tool Pro for BGMI, which may lead beginners to assume it’s a standard practice. However, a critical question arises: does using such tools jeopardize your account’s security? This article delves deeper into this concern.

What is GFX Tool Pro?

GFX Tool Pro is a complimentary gaming utility launcher designed for BGMI, enabling players to personalize their game’s visual settings. Krafton’s popular battle royale game offers various FPS options, but it typically displays neighborhoods tailored to your device’s capabilities. 

Consequently, individuals using lower-end devices may be unable to access the higher FPS configurations. This external application empowers users to activate all available FPS levels, resulting in a more seamless and enjoyable gaming session.


Exploring GFX Tool Pro and Its Safety Concerns

GFX Tool Pro is an application designed to empower BGMI players by allowing them to tweak their graphic settings. BGMI boasts a range of FPS settings, but often, players can only access those compatible with their mobile devices. This limitation can frustrate those with lower-end devices, as it restricts their gaming experience. GFX Tool Pro bridges this gap, granting access to all FPS settings levels, offering an experience akin to that of high-end devices.

Is It Safe to Use GFX Tool Pro

GFX Tool Pro typically involves modifying BGMI’s game data, granting low-end device users access to all FPS levels. Many players with less robust devices seek similar applications to enhance their gaming encounters. However, it’s essential to recognize that Krafton, the company behind BGMI, explicitly prohibits using such third-party applications. Krafton explicitly states that unauthorized third-party programs or software are strictly forbidden within their policies. 

GFX Tool Pro falls into the category of third-party applications that customize BGMI game files. Section 5.1 of Krafton’s misconduct policies warns of severe penalties, including permanent bans from BGMI, for anyone found in violation.

In essence, the use of GFX Tool Pro or any similar software or application to augment your gaming experience directly contradicts Krafton’s policies. Users must exercise caution when considering the use of such software.


For those players seeking to enhance their BGMI experience without resorting to external software or applications, here are some alternative methods:

  1. Close Background Applications: While playing BGMI, ensuring that no other applications are running in the background is crucial. Background applications can lead to frame rate issues, lag, and a compromised gaming experience.
  2. Opt for Lower Graphic Settings: BGMI offers various graphic settings for compatible devices. While many players prefer smooth graphics and extreme frame rates, experimenting with different options can help you find locations that minimize lag and maintain a satisfactory frame rate.
  3. Free Up Storage Space: To prevent mobile devices from overheating, which can result in frame rate and lag problems, it’s advisable to maintain sufficient free storage space. Additionally, consider turning off auto-updates to prevent unintentional storage consumption.

For aspiring esports athletes, it’s crucial to steer clear of tools and applications like GFX Tool Pro. Using third-party applications can jeopardize future careers, leading to account bans. If you invest in weapons, character skins, or other in-game items, avoid third-party applications to safeguard your investments and gaming progress.

Those are some things about GFX Tools in BGMI that you can find out more about. However, if you want to Top Up BGMI, you can do it only on UniPin right now!

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