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A Comprehensive Guide to Play Angela Mobile Legends

Angela Mobile Legends is one of the many Support heroes commonly utilized by players in the ranked match. Not only is she capable of healing and supporting other heroes, but she also possesses the power to weaken and damage opponents.

This article will not only elaborate on Angela’s capabilities but also her best builds and pro tips to play her in the most effective manner possible. The fate of this mechanical angel on the battleground is now in the grip of your hand.

Angela Mobile Legends – Skill Analysis

Angela Mobile Legends – Skill Analysis

Angela owns three active and one passive skill that reinforces each other, making her one of the most reliable Support heroes in Mobile Legends. Let’s have a look at her abilities and when you should utilize which particular skills in order to get the most of this android hero.

Passive Skill – Smart Heart

While it’s dubbed a passive skill, Mobile Legends Angela‘s Smart Heart is able to provide support to herself and other associate heroes when she employs another skill. She can increase her movement speed by 15% with every skill she uses.

Not only does Angela benefit from this speed-boost ability when chasing enemies or escaping from them, but her allies can also get the same ability whenever she passes it on to them using her ultimate skill, Heartguard.

This augmentation is guaranteed to never decrease throughout the game since most of her skills’ cooldown counters are considered extremely low.

1st Skill – Love Waves

The first active skill of Angela Mobile Legends is regarded as a highly inflammable skill that may bring both blessing and curse to the battleground. It’s a combo of attacking skills, supporting, and healing abilities.

Activating the skill along with her Smart Heart can help slow down the opponents and speed up her movement and allies as long as Heartguard is also employed. While its damage is not that great, its short cooldown can make up for it.

To make the most of this skill, be sure to give it a point the moment the game begins. It will automatically start recharging and be ready to be used on the battlefield.

2nd Skill – Puppet-On-A-String

Angela Mobile Legends is an ideal hero for players looking for a lovely-looking hero with devastating skill. Her Puppet-On-A-String power provides enormous damage that slows the opponent and stuns them for more than 3 seconds.

The optimum time to utilize this skill is after delivering Love Waves to strike the desired target. The total damage of this power will be significantly increased by each attach of this Love Waves skill. Puppet-On-A-String can grow lethal the more the Love Waves you use.

3rd Skill – Heartguard

Heartguard is Angela’s ultimate skill to the point that it can turn the battle upside down. It can protect herself and her allies, teleport to teammates in an instant, and perform fast movements.  This is a support skill that is considered beneficial.

Once this skill is activated, she will be essentially invincible with her other skills that can deliver massive damage and debuffs. However, initiating this power prevents Angela from using her other basic attacks.

What Are Best Builds for Angela

Angela Best Build
Source: Shefalitayal.

When it comes to Angela Mobile Legends build support, she gains the most with cooldown items, such as Enchanted Talisman or Fleeting Time, which enable her to boost her abilities. As for increasing her healing effect, Oracle is the ideal item to go with.

Her first active skill can deliver massive damage in an enormous area of effect. To get this result, you need to equip her with the Necklace of Durance. Ice Queen Wand is also recommended for it can slow the enemies’ movements to the extent they are stupefied.

As for team buff, you may opt for Courage Mask, for it is the most suitable item for Angela Mobile Legends. Should the match enters the late game, you have to prioritize Immortality so that your hero can participate in the fights much longer.

Angela Gameplay Tips

Angela Gameplay Tips
Source: Hobi Game.

Angela’s Love Waves has a maximum charge of five, so be bold to spam it early to strike your opponents. This movement can also heal your allies. That’s how to play Angela Mobile Legends in the early game.

In the mid-game, your hero should already own Fleeting Time as it can allow her to utilize her ultimate skill more often. By this point in the game, you should also provide support to your teammate who kills the most.

Entering the late game, Angela usually can be easy to be defeated. If there is no defensive item, you should be more emphasized on Immortality. The way her skill enhances damage and eases other allies in finishing the game makes her one of the must-have members in the late game.

Final Thoughts

While the majority of Support class heroes are seldom used in specific ranked matches, Angela is one of the heroes that remain relevant. Her first active skill is crucial to attack, heal, and enhance damage, making her the best team member in the early game.

Playing Angela Mobile Legends also doesn’t require a lot of experience, which is a big plus for a squad that relies on Support class heroes. You can also enhance her overall skills by acquiring certain items. You can get those by purchasing diamonds through UniPin for a more hassle-free purchase.

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