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Alucard Mobile Legends: The Unkillable Demon Hunter

Alucard Mobile Legends is one of the most widely used assassin heroes in the game. He can be encountered in Classic mode and occasional Ranked matches. Despite the fact that he is one of the seven oldest heroes in Mobile Legends, Alucard owns a set of damaging skills that make him remain a great fighter hero.

Alucard “The Demon Hunter”

Alucard The Demon Hunter
Source: Gamebrott.

Every hero available in Mobile Legends comes with their own background stories, including Alucard. His character is based on Count Alucard, a fictional character that first appeared in a 1943 vampire-themed movie.

While he is portrayed as a son to Dracula, Dracula himself instead uses the name as a pseudonym to conceal his actual identity. Alucard is simply the reverse name of Dracula. Despite this, the hero Alucard in this mobile game has no correlation with the infamous Count Dracula. Still, he possesses vampires’ traits and elements.

Alucard Mobile Legends, famously dubbed as The Demon Hunter, for his job to hunt malevolent entities that seek to engulf the entire world in eternal darkness. He is what he is now because of his dark past.

Alucard becomes a merciless fighter who offers no mercy to those with wicked souls. And this is what makes Alucard becomes one of Mobile Legends heroes that excels at defeating single targets.

Best Builds for Alucard

Best Builds for Alucard
Source: Tribun News.

You may be wondering how to use Alucard in Mobile Legends. The answer to this question is that you need to first understand the best builds for this Demon Hunter.

Demon Slayer

This build delivers the highest and most destructive attack power. This build is primarily focused on obtaining kills and delivering damage. While it also provides a life steal effect, the sheer physical strength of Alucard MLBB is what becomes the main focus of this build.

Get a Blade of Despair to get immediate physical power enhancement. Then, to quickly slash the enemy, get a Berserker’s Fury and combined it with Queen’s Wings to add survivability in the mid-game. To create an excellent combo for Alucard’s active and passive skills, grab an Endless Battle.

Devil Style

The next best build for Alucard Mobile Legends is Devil Style that excels at dealing with long-term damage. It gives him an enormous attack power, defense, and life steal to keep him alive while sustaining the attacks he delivers.

Since Alucard is a fighter hero, it’s good to start with Warrior Boots and followed with Endless Battle to improve his passive skill. Next, opt for Haas’s Claws to give significant life steal effect and attack. To increase his killing ability, get Blade of Despair and Berseker’s Fury.

Jungle Fury

The primary purpose of this build is to obtain gold and experience far faster than the opponents. As a result, you will be able to rank up much quicker and complete your item collections in the least amount of time feasible.

Equipped Alucard Mobile Legends with Raptor Machete at the early game to enhance his jungling. Next, combine his Fission Wave with Haas’s Claw to deliver damage and life steal. While he already has a lot of attack power, you can still increase it with Berserker’s Fury and Malefic Roar.

Pro Tips to Level Up With Alucard

Tips to Level Up With Alucard
Source: Gadgetren.

Now, here are some pro tips on how to play Alucard that can help you level up faster.

Master the Passive Skill

Alucard Mobile Legends is an unparalleled hunter with a Pursuit skill. This passive skill is no less deadly than his primary attack. Of course, you need first to know how to use the skill gracefully to use it to close the gap with your opponents. If used incorrectly, this passive skill can be risky and cause you to lose your position.

Focus on Farming

Alucard is a hero that is entirely reliant on the farm. Smart Alucard players are those who prefer farming and eliminating jungles and lanes. The moment your core items are completed, it’s the right time for you to slaughter your enemies.

The purpose is to gain an ample gold supply as well as a level lead over all of the other opponents. Alucard Mobile Legends is also capable of doing solo Turtle to obtain a much more significant net worth advantage.

Avoid Initiating Attacks

The majority of average Alucard players often make the mistake of exploiting their hero’s mobility from their first active or passive skill just to start delivering attacks against a team opponent.

You may have excellent mobility, but this is not the primary responsibility of Alucard. It’s important to note that your hero doesn’t have any ability to control the crowd.

Therefore, allow your other allies to initiate the attack and use your first active skill to get out of tight situations or even eliminate targets. Also, always secure Alucard’s first functional and ultimate skills to finish off low-HP enemies.

Final Thoughts

Compared to many recent assassin heroes, Alucard remains one of the most capable old heroes. He comes with consequential damage, life steal, adequate high mobility, and low cooldowns.

Of course, Alucard Mobile Legends skills can still be enhanced using the items mentioned above. Those items can be obtained using diamonds that you should purchase using real money. UniPin can provide you assistance in ML credits purchase without hassle.


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